Hang On…The New Year… “It’s Time” The Ending of The White Owl ~gary beer

Going Home has touched my Heart deeply since watching the new Tarzan movie a month ago..

Going Home, the loneliness that overtakes me at times. Especially when I am enjoying the emotional expansion of this dimensional plane. Instead of clearing them from my field. Lately I seem to have clung on this idea of Going Home.  And so the Journey of unraveling my future past starts to unfold.

Ever since my Shadow was joined into the Light body side of this physical 3D plane. When we healed are split from entering into the dualistic realm of a 3D reality called Earth. A 1000 yrs of different karmic reactions of two different paths vying for an outcome that had several possibilities. Surrender in my Spirit was never an option. Death was the last option of bringing Order from Chaos. This merging was to come to a conclusion. A dark or light outcome was at hand. There was balance in hand if even on a minor scale, at this time in this moment a energetic turning point of One soul. The White Owl is written in story but true in every sense of its words, the events happened as told.

I have held my contentions inside,  after the completion of The One and The Other. I had reservations about how the whole reality of what happened on a physical level played out. I was scared. I was confused. Uncertain of the Reality of my Experiences. I dropped all contact with my Guides and worked backwards from  my heart with no one else allowed, as I cried at the feet of Jesus once more. The only Higher Being I hold close in My Heart Always.

I feel that I could have handled if better with better information. I do understand, as far as My Guides were involved. That all the misunderstandings were because of the different perspective values and assumptions of each other’s different dimensional platform. A basic a difference in Needs, Wants and Wishes. I personally think a lot of symbolism was used to trigger geometric openings into my Heart. Symbolizing King David as Me for we both had two souls tied to One. I only know this about King David, for I am a stream of him and he is a stream of me. As we all have multiple Streams of Energy.

two sides of the bowl pic, 2 sticks bowl candel…when i find it

The One, The Other and The Order of Light.

The Right and Left Hand Sides of the Bowl

The Two Sticks and the Candel.

These were my first clues of who I really was, a Being of Light. As we all are. While I learned that Shadows are of Self and are as real as your Light and just as important.

That is why Mother Mary’s call of “It is Time” was a call to drop everything Now. So I could enter into a specific time and space at the right time. I would go to Her quickly into our meeting room,  a 5D space we have started from for the last 5 yrs. A planned party into the space of energy necessary to complete my Life Path in this lifetime. These affect many layers of My Past and Present. A Healing of my Timeline . As I look over the last 5- 6 years, I could conclude the this was a Planned Mission from the start.

We had many Lessons in preparation of The One. We would start out as a Group but there forms would quickly melt away and they take would their proper positions in watching and helping as necessary…to them that is. There is a Hierarchy within the Realm of Angels that you can begin to See after working with many different individuals over 20 yrs.

I am used to walking in the dark, completely in the Dark until I find my the keys and triggers and I wait and See. I feel the energy streams coming to me and I interact with authority and react through my Heart without waiver… this is how you survive. Mostly removing entities from specific areas. I was taught in spiritual warfare… and I have never been matched so far…. or even close except for The One. Even against a nasty Coven as  I fought from my Merkaba for the first time. My Angels would transmute my attacks and taught me how to Fight in Light and Love. Not to harm or to destroy but to bath them in Light in Change , it was up to them the outcome. Some where Healed and some choose not too. Most of the time it was not my clean up duty and was finished as necessary in the Greater Good of All. Some occurrences I had to see to the end result. What a catch phrase Greater Good of All. I have lived a harder and fuller life in Self for It. As I learned the True Power is Love. Not from violence as I cleared a 100 yrs of negativity from Toroda Mt. Where I had moved. I started in my backyard and worked out into Gaia as a whole in a Expression of Self remembering.

A Time Jump is a possible explanation for my present timeline. My Anchor Home was shown to me on New Years Day and is a 9 yr old Daughter named Cheria. I see her and I react with Her. Right now. Its complicated. We See each other at the time I left on this mission. For when we meet, it will restart from when we first we parted. No lost time, just Dual Memories of the time apart. The two timelines of memory will pass quickly as we settle back Home. Not long in time. Cheria is blonde hair and blue eyes about 4 ft tall and 9 yrs old. Cheria told me much of this information, while stating that “having two memories is a special gift and can be confusing at times but fun too!” She also told me that I won’t See mom until I come back … that Cheria is my Anchor  Home. We started a game of Hide and Seek, it was Her Idea…I think. So I am stumbling around a Home I do not remember and it is Very Dark. I hang on to the few moments a clarity as the room almost is perceivable. This was Cheria’s intention, for me to Remember… to bring in my old timeline and Hang On to Her.

So when on New Years Days 2017,  Mother Mary’s “It is Time” call came in I was ecstatic. I chatted without Thought of why I was called and quickly was asked to Pay Attention.

Its complicated and complex. I have a wife I love and who puts up with so much of my life and holds me and coaches me thru my hardest times. Always open and rarely questioning my sanity except for when outcmes were not clear and dangerous. Angel Beer has the ability to meet me in my 5D meeting room with my Guides. I have meet her there. A very special person . A Earth Mother who will never leave this plane. My complete opposite in completion. My anchor into this 3D plane, to come back to. A part of me as I expand.

A Daughter who has been away for 6 yrs and we plan to make up lost time in a year and a half. Alysha is a part of me and she will find me.. inside if she does the work.  I cannot stay here, it is very clear. Well I can but with to many attachments and to much would be … not lost, just unknown.

My Soul Journey in August will have solutions for all and choices will be made. Even changes in the 7D as I FEEL another jump after I Come Home to the 7D.  This is not finished here.

But “It is Time”. This used too send shivers down my 3D spine, just a little loosening up as I released my 3D Mind. It was Time to move on. The 12/18/16 energies had primed me, just as I was wondering why I had not been Hit Hard yet with the New enegies…. We were waiting for the right Pulse, one that I aligned with.

As Mother Mary asked me to “Pay Attention” as a Brown Wraped Gift Box taller than wide wrapped up to the top in a twist was in her Hands, as I was downloaded energentically. I usually know of the energys intent,I had been taught to Read Energy Streams…

This is another clue to my Time Jump. Arch Angel Michael spent a way over a year in 2011-13 teachng me How to Read and effect energy streams, creating bliss bombs and controlling My Aura so Nothing Else could…Quote.

…. because I always feel the intent of my downloads but not today and I felt it could take some time to unpack. I take in the moment and go to Mother Mary becuase I seemed to sense a offishness. I felt she my not be completly on board with my gifts. So I asked her about my feelings and as she looked at me I knew she was Just Humbled in bringing this to me. As I realized this, the Box unraveled from the top and opened up. Transcendance was this gift. So I would stop focusing on my non- death in this life. To move forward as I Needed Too.

A gift that many will be recieving this August as I am not the Only One Going Home in this first wave Back Home. Ascenion is a Earth born symtom and I could reach that pinticle with the proper dedication. But the deck is stacked espeacially against the Light Warriors, who are focused in attacks of non- self determination from the time our Light shined on this planet in birth. A gift in a Balance of Light as all things shift to the center eventually. Not a free ride. We put all on the line for others in Love, as all should and most do. Many of us are Going Home thru the gift of Transcendance.

I saw a liitle girl. Cheria.

I had already been anchoring into my old 7D timeline with my Knighting into the Order of Light by Arch Angel Michael. The highest dimensional accurance I had managed to intergrated with some success . Not fully but able to match the frequencies, at first with Michaels help and then I was able to access this arena fairly easily.

So I had started from when I stood up from my Knighthood into the Order. Hands are all around clapping and cheering. I walk forward down the road into a city. The sun rises with the intensity of a Nova and at this time and belived I found my Anchor home and felt success, for a long time. I see The City  it as if from above at first then into the streets.

A modern city with mini skyrises mostly glass in appearence. With the Flora likened to Seattle WA but more delibrate.  This was as far as I would get and I was very satisfied that I had found a Trigger into my desired timeline, as had been my intention. Until Mother Mary came to me and said.. “It is Time”…and  creating a timeline changed into Reality.

As I left the streets and into a House, my house, but I had not yet fiqured this out until

I saw a liitle girl. Cheria.

On NewYears Eve, and she knew who I was.

and we still are playing Hide and Seek. Hopefully not for long.