The Anomaly and Amoeba Aspects of the Universe



Celestial Bodies are there own unique Conscious Being’s. Each shape the energy it holds or the part of the Universes Consciousness of their Expansive Thought. The Universe could be imagined as a single Organism of Thought. Which feeds and absorbs all within it. There is a commonality as the Original Intent split itself, or more accurately, Reflects its Mirror Image causing an action reaction Anomaly through out its Universe. The Original Singularity to and from a Duality based +- attributes on every level. Matter / Dark Matter. Physicality / Consciousness.

A never decaying ebb and flow between the two. Always stable. Always contracting and expanding in the Breath of of Itself through the  White Sun the input)and Black Holes the Output of the Universe. As our Hot Yellow Sun absorbs the White Suns energy and changes the in flux of energy into a Usable  Energy( matching the frequencies of the Earth, just as our Fibonacci Spiral above the Pineal Gland does for our human body) In and Out….As our Hot Yellow Sun absorbs the Collective Consciousness of Mankind  and releases it into the Universes Collective. This creates a Evolutionary Collective Consciousness Universal Interactive. A Stability as all Universe’s Ebb and Flow through Each Other but in a different reality growing toward the Same as One but never completed as a whole from the constant growth of all aspects.


All is connected and part of Each. Expanding in the Experience of all the faucets of Universe. Starting in the purest from of Thought down to the density of the most contracted Matter and back into the purest Energy in growth.. We and all things expand back into the Original Reflection as we work are way through all parts of Universe with the end outcome of Being a Complete Equal to the Original Being.





Shadow and Light

Ego is Physical Body Mind and Self is Light Body Mind,
both equal in a 3D reality, both necessary, both different in function. Ego controls and functions thru the Emotional Body as a System of maintenance of the Hu-Man (earth- body/ man of earth). Self is the function or mind set of the I Am, controlling the Higher Self functions of the energy of and thru the human body. Which is the Etheric Body. This picture represents the Ego Mind being brought thru love by Self into it’s maintenance position of body. Shadow and Light as One. A whole body system as One.