This year, unlike all others in the past, Christ Consciousness energy remains encoded within the Divine template through your merkabah. After this season ends, the Christ Consciousness energy will remain fully intact through the Golden Ray.

As more of these multidimensional abilities come back online, you will feel your head tingling, the base of your skull tingling with energy, your hand and feet chakras too. You may experience rashes, and deep muscle pain as the last bit of distorted programming clears.

You will notice light emitting from your pours. You will see sparkles of light on your skin as the crystalline frequencies continue to merge with the magnetite crystals in the brain, creating new neuro pathways, and connections to bring you into a higher state of awareness. As all of this is occurring now, your chakra energy pillar upgrades too.

As the centers now remain open, and balanced the white stream of energy flows through. Your heart’s electromagnetic field is increased by 100 fold! This is how you transmute, and how you manifest through the Divine template.

This activates the higher chakras in a brighter color. This can be seen vividly by Aura energy readers. What was once dull in Aura, is now vibrant! Each one carries their own personal dominant energetic signature and frequency. As each now steps into their full power, the like frequencies will attract to each other. These are your soul groups. By combining your like dominant Frequencies in collaborations and partnerships, your power to manifest collectively is exponentially increased x 100! If you have a blockage in one of your chakras you will definitely feel it as the energy will remain stuck there until the work is done to clear it, heal it.

The 12/21 portal that just opened on solstice, paves the way for past lifetime integration and healing on a spontaneous level. Your ability to understand how you create from now until the 11/11 portal on

January 1st, 2018

1.              1.      11.

will prep you for this Master 11 Year!

Throughout 2018, Mastering your abilities to manifest, and being responsible for your co-created reality will be your focus, as many will now step over the threshold and out of their comfort zone. Many will now be guided on a whole new path with the bigger picture in mind, that of New Earth.

It’s time to get this party started! 2018 is going to be one Magical year! As the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, is when the Energetic Pulse shifts entirely to instant manifestation.

Be aware of how you are creating. Ask yourself, am I creating from a distorted vibrational frequency from a fragmented past lifetime, or am I creating from the Divine template of Christ Consciousness?

I’d like to encourage you to watch movies again that hold significance such as: 2:22, The Matrix Series, Sci Fi movies, etc.. All will now show you much more than you ever realized before. You’ll see all of the synchronisities that are divinely significant to you.

Happy Holidays to all, and A Magical Happy New Year! 2018 Master 11 Year!




All Hands On Deck 1:22 12/26/17

1:22 am.
All Hands On Deck
Something Big is happening. I have just been called into service. “All Hands On deck”. Time to stand in Light for what We the People Stand for and against.
What defines the United Republic as We The People Stand and take back Our Country….

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Trees on the Moon

Trees on the Moon… the end of the video
plus every moon recording show Huge massive lights. Cant wait for his 14″ telescope to be running in just days


Space X ready to join Galactic Arena

Nice tech Elon Musk…your ready for inter-dimensional travel. Notice the opening of the gate in the tail waiting for the rocket—ship to change it vibration signature… to match which density … place it wants to travel to. It is all about scalar frequencies that match a specific time and place on physical planes.


Command PB Stardust Video and Manga

As an Ma’at Pleiadian this protocol works Fantastic every time I need to use it. The more I use “command pb stardust” the faster and more effective it becomes. Try It !!! even if you are not a starseed.
The Light Forces have asked to make Command PB Stardust protocol viral as much as possible. Short explanation of that Pleiadian proto…

Protocol ” Command PB Stardust” 

” Command PB Stardust” 
saying it 3 times to your self from within, creates a Huge reaction every time I use it. This protocol has made my life more comfortable.( it balances to nervous system so pain is not spiking in one area is how I receive how it works)
Then again this is a Pleiadian Energetic Thought-form introduced thru the Crystalline Grid and I am a Ma`at a pleiadian spiritual warrior so it aligns closely with my DNA

My love and gratitude goes to the Pleiadian Fleet for this most…