Summer 2017 Finding the Begining


Summer of 2017 Finding the Beginning

Its been awhile since I have updated My Adventures. I write this blog mostly for my documentation. I post here on FB for anyone who aligns or is experiencing the same things. As support for me and others.
I have been just letting all ideals go and just releasing everything that comes Through Me.
We as a collective have moved into a New Age Reality. I feel connected to all things. Trees rocks animals etc. I receive input energetically from all things constantly. It is not a huge amount of chaotic noise. In fact there is no noise just plain concise interaction almost instantly or faster than my thoughts these interactions happens. It is a Flow of Conscious Energy flowing back and forth from me to the rest of the world. A Natural Connection to All Things. Smooth and concise in love and truth. It all starts with Love and Truth.. I have been recieving Huge Love Frequency upgrades. Love of all things is the one part of my life here on Earth that I have not been able to ingrain into me. These Love Bliss Upgrades are integrating into my cellular structure. of mine.
It has been an Amazing month and a half after my traveling back Home to the Pleiades during the last Eclipse portal event in of August 2017.

My wife Angel Beer is the one who has taken Us to a new level in higher timelines. She has been working and creating like crazy after a long time reflecting what was important to her. I think she was stuck until Her Eclipse Event, by herself at home, while I was at Eceti.
Angel Beer had an Hearth Opening moment of clarity as her Crystalline Structure was ingrained into her physical body.
Since that moment she has been working constantly to move forward as she was shown or remembered her higher potential. During her work she has surpassed my frequency signal in many ways. A superstar whose intentions I have felt in my own timelines. So Very Happy to be working together so well.
We will see what comes of all this but big changes seem to be coming SOON.

9/7/17 the last few times I was asleep I have been woken up inside the dream. First time was I woke up in the middle of a conversation between myself and my higher self talking about how well my wife has been progressing since the Eclipse. It confused me since I knew that I was listening a conversation that I was in, and I woke myself up. This last time I was literally woken up with Hands touching my face which freaked me out so I woke myself up again just I realized that I was just trying to be awakened fully in my Dream state. So I confirmed my silly reaction as being silly and to please try it again.
It is Evan my higher Self waking me. He was the other one in the conversation the first time.
Ashtar Control to megatron
🌠 just as David Bowie would have sung this song is running through my head while Evan is conversing about many of my ideals and how they are close and true.
Seems that I my be having an very uplifting experience in the future, mySelf missions.
Interesting evening.
This evening I am aware of Evan closely. Almost vibrating at the same frequency , ok maybe not almost but pretty well synced.


Sisters Brothers Loved Ones

It is Time to Journey as I connect physically with my Plasmic Body and the New Gridwork of the Cascadia’s to Cougar Creek.
Starting out in NE WA. Earth Rising Sanctuary’s / Healing Event then to Yelm WA / Ramtha Energy . Mt Adams / Eceti Eclipse Event and then MT Shasta’s Inner Earth Portal’s as I come Home Once Again.
I travel in Self with my Heart Held as the road leads me to my destinations and places me as I should be in each moment.

I will be updating as I can as I Travel With
Mary who carries me. Evan the Pleiadian Self and Bothemia my Plasmic Self
scroll down adventure web page for my current quest and past occurrences.

Love You for Being Love as the World Moves Once Again

My Adventure is taking me to this Event, as I Journey once again, inside/ out to find my next Self as I prepare for My Bifurcation as a Observer in All my Timelines. To become Whole again as promised by my loved ones. My guides/ my angels/ mySelves….all are the same….. as they are connected thru refracted reflections of my Consciousness.


Dr Bhaskaran Pillai has done extensive research on the concept of the ‘light body’. His research throws light on an extremely interesting aspect of human spiritual evolution that science has tended to ignore for many years now.

There is more to our existence than the presence of our mere physical bodies. There is a higher, astral plane of existence beyond the corporeal where we can be in touch with our true form of being pure energy. This is what is called a light body. So how does one activate their light body?

The ultimate goal is to turn your body into light and the key is to not view your body as being physical, as we are all spiritual beings having a human experience within these shells we call ‘body’.

Our body is an imperfect creation. Ancient philosophy had it right when they identified the body as a mere physical container or ‘shell’ for the soul. It is subjected to disease, ageing, pain, emotional imbalances and a lot of other unpleasant things. Achieving the light body is another way of escaping, or rather being liberated from the mortal earthly coil. Dr Pillai goes on to state that the “Light body is a matter of evolution.”

There are hence two types of brains; the human brain and the astral brain. What’s the difference you ask? The astral brain is similar to the human brain but is much more powerful and less limited. “The physical brain gets its support and nourishment from the astral brain, which is the light body brain.” That nourishment all boils down to vibration and energy. Basically, ‘feed’ the astral brain, it needs to vibrate at the speed of light. Once it begins to vibrate at the speed of the square of light, it then becomes a light body. This is how Dr Pillai describes the phenomenon.

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“So, all we need to do is to bring more and more light because light vibrates at a great speed, 186,000 miles per second.  If you can bring that kind of vibration into your physical body, that physical body will disappear and then it will just be the light body… the energy body.”

The basic point of this statement is energy transformation. The conversion and transformation of energy is the fundamental operator in our Universe. Unfortunately, if you take just one look at the average TV commercial you’ll realize that society is too caught with our physical bodies. Our physical appearance is taken to be the sum of our existence and the key to our success. This may also explain why the mainstream media keeps us living in the lower vibrational fear mode in order to prevent this spiritual evolution from happening while perpetuating the current economic slave mentality. Our ignorance is the key to keeping their machine of mindless production and consumption running.

Once the group collective begins raising their individual vibrations and allowing more and more light to manifest within, then we will begin to see a tremendous paradigm change within our society. The greatest fear of the people in power is when the average joe stops fearing him. More importantly it’s when the common people wake up from their age-old slumber and start asking the questions that need to be asked.

At the 30:04 marker of this video, Dr Pillai teaches how to reprogram your body through a guided meditation by envisioning light entering your DNA through breathing energy by mentally envisioning the energy of your breath entering your DNA as light.  Additionally, Dr Pillai recommends making an elongated “Ohm” sound as you envision the energy going all throughout and filling your body with this sound vibration.


The best recommended time to do the “Ohm” is either sunrise or sunset, according to Dr Pillai.