End of October Wave

Love has been Octobers maiden name.


Usually I receive a intunement with waking in the morning. The download is amplified thru my Heart Center than into Mother Earth or into my Higher Celestial Bodies then  back thru the chakra system and into or thru my Aura, depending on if it’s a clearing or a vibrational frequency integration. This morning’s update was exhilarating, alive of Joyful Love that spun around inside my Heart Vortex / Center than lifted my cellular body in a fluid motion thru my physical mass. A deep cellular clearing lifting  the dense emotional residue and replacing it with Pure Love and Joy.

My Heart is still expanding thru this process….my Soul Connection.

Today’s energies came with a purer more refined an easier Love and Joy uplifting energy.

As a Pillar of Light, which is a Blessed Duty of mine, a relaxation from the darker energies I remove from Gaia and people that intersect with me.  I spent much of the morning anchoring End of October’s Wave into the Grid. I do so in a conscious awake, walking and doing my daily chores with pause for larger conduit  releases. I enjoy walking in both worlds at the same time, very exhilarating energetically.

So Be Blessed and Receive Your Gifts from another New Wave.

Gary Beer





With Just a Little Hug!

Can You Feel….. See the Loving Heart anchoring Humanity into Self Awareness of a Galactic Consciousness.

October has a change in the Sun’s Auric Intunement of my vibrational field. Every download ends and sometime starts with a Golden Bliss of Love and Joy, the exact purposeful vibration for releasing self imposed density into Heart felt Love. That envelops and radiates through many of the higher dimensional layers that we are grounded in as an anchor. This outer layer or Light around are Aura functions by holding of our thoughts before releasing them into the collective mind set. To allow the possibility of transmuting every Thought of Ours independently as each of us release’s are 3D emotional physical attachments of many past and present lessons.The Sun’s DNA activating frequencies are lifting the veil of Emotional Materialism with mirror energies of lower 3D densities within our human bodies. This DNA Transforming Combination can Allow every reaction to held and transformed Lovingly into Humanities Collective Creation.

With just a Little Pause between Thoughts…. and a Little Hug …..from the Inside .

Can Transform the World.