As another Veil Lifts.

A very important 11-11-16. The Earth’s grid has been in overload as many have worked as an Anchor with today’s Shift of Mass Consciousness. The 11-11 Portals have been synchronicity  timed with the 2016 Presidential Election. A Tipping and a Turning Point thru the millions involved in the Elections across the Globe has set our immediate future into a positive setting. Another veil of negativity is being played out before Us…please just observe and send Love to All participants in this Great Event as a massive negative energetic release has just moved from Earth’s Aura and Ours also. As the Highest Timeline is being effectuated. I get glimpses and deep feelings of the potential of the highest possibilities of our projected future as Humanity Shifts as a Whole. We are moving into a higher state of consciousness with unlimited venues in growth thru the Universe

Thank You for the work and roles of all Humanity.