Basic Techniques for Healing Negative Influences

These Tools are for Beginners and Experience’rs alike.

As We , Join the Shadow in the Lessons of the Blood Moons. The polarization of Male / Female thru Tantric Creation of being Human. Rejoined in Each. Ego Mind into One of Heart Mind.
Healing the Division in Man Kind.
This holds True in My Heart, as I am Maat. Spiritual Healer. My higher Vibrational Self, as One also in Me. With Shadow rejoined. 3 Bodies, bio- chemical- electromagnetic in Balance of the Wheel of the Four winds. To become the Observer, to See the Truths of All my Aspects.
Just as I have traveled into the Center of my Soul as I merged Shadow and Spirit by Love in the Truth of Self fully Actualized.
I travel the Hallows in remembrance of all Aspects As One to return to my Originality.


022016-newsletter-image1.jpg Tools and Techniques for Healing Negative Influences

from Becoming Gods II by James Gilliland and Cazekiel

Chakra Clearing Meditation

1. Begin by sitting comfortably in a chair or on the floor. Visualize yourself and the room filled with light. Close your aura to all but Spirit and see yourself surrounded by the white light of the Christ Consciousness vibration.

2. Call upon your representative of the divine to assist you, or ask the divine itself to assist you.

3. Visualize a white or golden light spinning and swirling at the crown of your head.

4. Move this light down to your third eye (located on your forehead, just above and between your eyes). Spin and swirl the light through this area. Visualize it clearing this chakra.

5. Move it downward to the throat chakra, repeating the process.

6. Move it downward to the next chakra (the heart), again spinning and swirling the light.

7. Move it downward to the solar plexus; spinning, swirling and clearing.

8. Then downward to the area just below the navel.

9. Finally, move it to the root chakra, at the base of the spine.

10. Now take this light energy and create an anchor into the Earth. This will help ground you.

11. Now, visualize a crystalline tube that is impenetrable. Visualize this tube rising from you and attaching to the Godhead. Feel it click into place. Know that nothing can enter this tube but Spirit of the highest vibration.

12. Run the golden ball from the base of your spine upwards to the Godhead.

Now that your Chakra System is Running

Proceed to Clearing your Auric Field

.Thank You to Artemesia

1. Close your aura by visualizing white or gold light around your body.

2. Call upon your chosen cultural representative of God, be it Jesus, Buddha, Baba -Ji, Mother Mary, Mohammed, White Eagle or another one of the Beautiful Many Christed Ones.

3. Tell any unwanted entities they are healed and forgiven, lifted and enlightened. Repeat this if you feel there are several.

4. Tell them they are filled and surrounded by the Christ light and the Christ love. [Divine light of love and truth, source of all-that-is, whatever you know the Great Spirit to be]

5. Ask your chosen representative to take them to their perfect place.

6. Ask that all negative thought forms and limiting mental concepts be dissolved and lifted in the light of truth.

7. Ask that all psychic bonds be severed and that the auras of all concerned be closed to all but spirit of the highest vibration.

It is also wise to ask that any residual energies be cleansed from your own fields, and end each session with a love or power feeding from Spirit to energize yourself or the group with which you may be working. These simple tools will empower you and take you safely into other planes, dimensions and expansions in consciousness.

There is a shadow side. Always know you are divinely protected and that you are in good company. Know that you have a divine right to free will and self-determination and that your mind and your body are yours and yours alone, and all will be well…


Questions of the Universe


Gary Beer‎ to Spaces of Energy Experiences of the Multi Dimensional Universe

May 11 · Edited

This was an idea formed from interaction between Higher Dimensionals toward each other and also toward me.
Non Finite Thought Theory-Conscious Evolutionary Universe – CEU Theory
After Einstein met Teslsa, he said, ‘Math is kaput!” And he said,” “Anyone who becomes seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that there is a spirit manifest in the laws of the Universe, a Spirit vastly superior to men.”Why do all Theories start in limiting fashion? This is where all ideas stop evolving.

Einstein has Theory of Relativity, Hawkins has Static Universe, and Quantum Physics as Consciousness is the New Idea.
Non Infinite Thought Theory is my model I have been writing toward.

So let us express these models further:
Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, which is an expanding universe, that only uses usable matter as it base. So thus antiquated in theory as we now know only 6% of the Universe is physical matter and does not account for a multidimensional state. Einstein himself admits this point. This does not invalidate 90% of what he does state is true but is only a piece of the Universe as a whole model. Hawking’s Static Universe is modeled on Decay as is the TM model in this video. All three models start from nothingness with different outcomes. The reason for these huge intellects that come to disagree so far apart is the base model of Something from Nothing is Limiting. Nothing, in its self is limiting. Decay models are limiting. Meditating to silence or non-localization of thought is limiting.
Let us imagine a non-limiting theory, a theory of non-decay, of something toward everything.
A Theory of: Non-Finite Thought,
Which is not Something from Nothing, but in the Consciousness of Thought, as the Base. The Universe is always stable in my Conscious Evolutionary Universe Theory. As we go through the different cycles, the CEU Theory, as the Universe reaches its Expansive State as in today’s end of the cycle reality. Which is why we can even discuss these Theories at this time.

Expansiveness in Thought the base of Everything and not based on Nothing. As we re-enter into the beginning stage of the Universe again, as it is cyclical, The Universe contracts back to its original state. Yes, this means reorganization of matter, the 6% of the Universe. This states that the Physical Matter expands proportionatly to the non-matter ratios of 6% mass to 94% of varing vibrational light. As Planets, Galaxies and Universe expand and contract within this ratio. Which means as each Body of the Universe be it Man, Plant, Rock, Planet, Galaxy that can hold light, it will expand and contract accordingly to its ability to hold the higher and higher vibrating light. The non-variable is the expansion of Light inside and through Us. All Conscious particles contain a Tetrahedron that spins Light from Thought into and through each of us, in a individualistic action and as a Whole system in reaction of this flow of Light. The parts of the Individual Matter can hold the total each sum of the individual expansion of the 94%. In a Constant State of a back and forth flow in the Universe of the 94% expansive state will grow and contract to the given amount of Light, as each Individualistic Quantum State of Light is able to hold in each moment . The variable is Matter of Expansion as it is able to raise its vibrational rate to a Permanente state of Light, or Being of Light in a constant conscious level. The Universe Expands into a every increasing Permanente State of Existence, as all expands back into the original Thought of Existence. This is a non- limiting constant state of non-decay a proper model to consider. I have much more to add to this in its validity as a whole. All based on a Vibrational State of Universe of Quantum Physics.

The Thought of God / the Reflected Refraction of Us, is the Origination Of Source. A Consciousness that is able to Hold the Complete Attention of The Universe at Once….Thus Creating IT!
The Rainbow. The knitting needles of the fabric of time creating as thoughts from all things manifesting the current condition. Rainbows seem to be just on the edge of our vibration as color changes to sounds as mass is made.Ego is Physical Body Mind and Self is light Body Mind, both equal, both necessary, both different in function. Ego controls and functions thru the Emotional Body as maintenance of human body. Self is the function or mind set of the I Am, controlling the Higher Self functions of the human body. ie energy of and thru, also etheric body mind.

Once you integrate with your yang, opposite of the self as the same, your shadow body, duality is no longer important to you and your Heart / Mind shifts into….How all things are connected as one. Protons share information/ experiences of conscious/ simultaneously as a whole, as we break down the particles more we will again find streams of higher vibrating light slowing down as layer after layer is buffered down thru the Dimensions as it enters are time field and turning eventually into the protons is this 3D part of the Universe. The ultimate I AM- We Are /One.
As we grow larger back into a more expansive Light Being we become more and more of a Celestial Body, as we become the Gardeners / Governing Bodies of the Galaxies.