Trees on the Moon

Trees on the Moon… the end of the video
plus every moon recording show Huge massive lights. Cant wait for his 14″ telescope to be running in just days



Space X ready to join Galactic Arena

Nice tech Elon Musk…your ready for inter-dimensional travel. Notice the opening of the gate in the tail waiting for the rocket—ship to change it vibration signature… to match which density … place it wants to travel to. It is all about scalar frequencies that match a specific time and place on physical planes.


Command PB Stardust Video and Manga

As an Ma’at Pleiadian this protocol works Fantastic every time I need to use it. The more I use “command pb stardust” the faster and more effective it becomes. Try It !!! even if you are not a starseed.
The Light Forces have asked to make Command PB Stardust protocol viral as much as possible. Short explanation of that Pleiadian proto…

Protocol ” Command PB Stardust” 

” Command PB Stardust” 
saying it 3 times to your self from within, creates a Huge reaction every time I use it. This protocol has made my life more comfortable.( it balances to nervous system so pain is not spiking in one area is how I receive how it works)
Then again this is a Pleiadian Energetic Thought-form introduced thru the Crystalline Grid and I am a Ma`at a pleiadian spiritual warrior so it aligns closely with my DNA

My love and gratitude goes to the Pleiadian Fleet for this most…

Summer 2017 Finding the Begining


Summer of 2017 Finding the Beginning

Its been awhile since I have updated My Adventures. I write this blog mostly for my documentation. I post here on FB for anyone who aligns or is experiencing the same things. As support for me and others.
I have been just letting all ideals go and just releasing everything that comes Through Me.
We as a collective have moved into a New Age Reality. I feel connected to all things. Trees rocks animals etc. I receive input energetically from all things constantly. It is not a huge amount of chaotic noise. In fact there is no noise just plain concise interaction almost instantly or faster than my thoughts these interactions happens. It is a Flow of Conscious Energy flowing back and forth from me to the rest of the world. A Natural Connection to All Things. Smooth and concise in love and truth. It all starts with Love and Truth.. I have been recieving Huge Love Frequency upgrades. Love of all things is the one part of my life here on Earth that I have not been able to ingrain into me. These Love Bliss Upgrades are integrating into my cellular structure. of mine.
It has been an Amazing month and a half after my traveling back Home to the Pleiades during the last Eclipse portal event in of August 2017.

My wife Angel Beer is the one who has taken Us to a new level in higher timelines. She has been working and creating like crazy after a long time reflecting what was important to her. I think she was stuck until Her Eclipse Event, by herself at home, while I was at Eceti.
Angel Beer had an Hearth Opening moment of clarity as her Crystalline Structure was ingrained into her physical body.
Since that moment she has been working constantly to move forward as she was shown or remembered her higher potential. During her work she has surpassed my frequency signal in many ways. A superstar whose intentions I have felt in my own timelines. So Very Happy to be working together so well.
We will see what comes of all this but big changes seem to be coming SOON.

9/7/17 the last few times I was asleep I have been woken up inside the dream. First time was I woke up in the middle of a conversation between myself and my higher self talking about how well my wife has been progressing since the Eclipse. It confused me since I knew that I was listening a conversation that I was in, and I woke myself up. This last time I was literally woken up with Hands touching my face which freaked me out so I woke myself up again just I realized that I was just trying to be awakened fully in my Dream state. So I confirmed my silly reaction as being silly and to please try it again.
It is Evan my higher Self waking me. He was the other one in the conversation the first time.
Ashtar Control to megatron
🌠 just as David Bowie would have sung this song is running through my head while Evan is conversing about many of my ideals and how they are close and true.
Seems that I my be having an very uplifting experience in the future, mySelf missions.
Interesting evening.
This evening I am aware of Evan closely. Almost vibrating at the same frequency , ok maybe not almost but pretty well synced.


Sisters Brothers Loved Ones

It is Time to Journey as I connect physically with my Plasmic Body and the New Gridwork of the Cascadia’s to Cougar Creek.
Starting out in NE WA. Earth Rising Sanctuary’s / Healing Event then to Yelm WA / Ramtha Energy . Mt Adams / Eceti Eclipse Event and then MT Shasta’s Inner Earth Portal’s as I come Home Once Again.
I travel in Self with my Heart Held as the road leads me to my destinations and places me as I should be in each moment.

I will be updating as I can as I Travel With
Mary who carries me. Evan the Pleiadian Self and Bothemia my Plasmic Self
scroll down adventure web page for my current quest and past occurrences.

Love You for Being Love as the World Moves Once Again

My Adventure is taking me to this Event, as I Journey once again, inside/ out to find my next Self as I prepare for My Bifurcation as a Observer in All my Timelines. To become Whole again as promised by my loved ones. My guides/ my angels/ mySelves….all are the same….. as they are connected thru refracted reflections of my Consciousness.


Dr Bhaskaran Pillai has done extensive research on the concept of the ‘light body’. His research throws light on an extremely interesting aspect of human spiritual evolution that science has tended to ignore for many years now.

There is more to our existence than the presence of our mere physical bodies. There is a higher, astral plane of existence beyond the corporeal where we can be in touch with our true form of being pure energy. This is what is called a light body. So how does one activate their light body?

The ultimate goal is to turn your body into light and the key is to not view your body as being physical, as we are all spiritual beings having a human experience within these shells we call ‘body’.

Our body is an imperfect creation. Ancient philosophy had it right when they identified the body as a mere physical container or ‘shell’ for the soul. It is subjected to disease, ageing, pain, emotional imbalances and a lot of other unpleasant things. Achieving the light body is another way of escaping, or rather being liberated from the mortal earthly coil. Dr Pillai goes on to state that the “Light body is a matter of evolution.”

There are hence two types of brains; the human brain and the astral brain. What’s the difference you ask? The astral brain is similar to the human brain but is much more powerful and less limited. “The physical brain gets its support and nourishment from the astral brain, which is the light body brain.” That nourishment all boils down to vibration and energy. Basically, ‘feed’ the astral brain, it needs to vibrate at the speed of light. Once it begins to vibrate at the speed of the square of light, it then becomes a light body. This is how Dr Pillai describes the phenomenon.

Related:  Quantum Energy Update ~ Re-balancing & Redistribution of Magnetics Due to The New Inner Grids

“So, all we need to do is to bring more and more light because light vibrates at a great speed, 186,000 miles per second.  If you can bring that kind of vibration into your physical body, that physical body will disappear and then it will just be the light body… the energy body.”

The basic point of this statement is energy transformation. The conversion and transformation of energy is the fundamental operator in our Universe. Unfortunately, if you take just one look at the average TV commercial you’ll realize that society is too caught with our physical bodies. Our physical appearance is taken to be the sum of our existence and the key to our success. This may also explain why the mainstream media keeps us living in the lower vibrational fear mode in order to prevent this spiritual evolution from happening while perpetuating the current economic slave mentality. Our ignorance is the key to keeping their machine of mindless production and consumption running.

Once the group collective begins raising their individual vibrations and allowing more and more light to manifest within, then we will begin to see a tremendous paradigm change within our society. The greatest fear of the people in power is when the average joe stops fearing him. More importantly it’s when the common people wake up from their age-old slumber and start asking the questions that need to be asked.

At the 30:04 marker of this video, Dr Pillai teaches how to reprogram your body through a guided meditation by envisioning light entering your DNA through breathing energy by mentally envisioning the energy of your breath entering your DNA as light.  Additionally, Dr Pillai recommends making an elongated “Ohm” sound as you envision the energy going all throughout and filling your body with this sound vibration.


The best recommended time to do the “Ohm” is either sunrise or sunset, according to Dr Pillai.

Shadow for Light


Ying Yang is a Wholeness of Opposites….as above is below in Self Creation.
Shadow of Self is the Root of Your Expression.
The Refracted Reflection of Consciousness.
The Anomaly or Reaction of your Self Reflection

A Message to Lightworkers – July 24, 2017

The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, Universal Co-Creators!

We greet you in this day before the Mayan calendar’s “Day Out of Time” [July 25], in these days before the August 8 Lion’s Gate, and the Solar Eclipse of August 21.

In these powerful and rather challenging days, your minds and bodies are being prepared to receive downloads of the highest possible frequency of Light data that you are able to receive at present—Light particles that work more powerfully than what has reached your planet in millennia.

It is so that the Lion’s Gate occurs annually, aligning Earth with your Galactic center and the star Sirius.

Yet this particularly potent alignment in this calendar year will open a portal not only for outer manifestations to occur with greater ease and in higher forms.

It is also a doorway into a level of inner Transformation that can only result in the turning of your Earth from the denser vibrations of previous timelines into a far higher, unified timeline.

These are the frequencies required for Ascension energies to anchor fully, not only within Earth Herself, but in all who live upon Her.

This is a majority decision.

Though not all refer to Ascension by that precise term, the majority of humanity has requested and required that shift into higher dimensional living.

And so you are birthing that, and all the more powerfully in these times of alignment of the Lion’s Gate and the upcoming solar eclipse.

And so, though it may have once been exciting to think of yourselves as a minority fighting for Earth’s freedom from the shackles of the old system of enslavement, you are no longer a minority.

More than a lift into greater DNA activation, as positive and empowering as that is, you are experiencing an intense re-cognition and reclaiming of your true higher dimensional identities.

This is the missing piece long hidden inside your third dimensional consciousness, as you labored within the lower-frequency energy grid for many Earth lives.

You are joining now with the consciousness of the crystalline energy grid.

This grid runs through and all around Earth in a pattern of sacred geometry, infused with Light from the Great Crystals, and special Light Beings (such as dolphins and whales), and Light centers in your galaxy—and increasingly now, from the Light of your own souls.

This is how starships can be powered by consciousness alone, if they are made of materials that react and respond to the consciousness of those connected to them etherically.

This is where true intelligence, and true plasma-based power and co-creational ability, show themselves in ways that will become increasingly more “ordinary” to you as you continue to Ascend.

The crystalline energy grid was fully enabled and empowered in the time of Atlantis.

With its increasing awakening, and your growing conscious and subconscious connection to it, you are indeed moving into a fifth dimensional paradigm.

As you increasingly telepathically connect with that grid, which enlivens every increasingly crystalline cell in your body, the old energetic traps and shadows of a darker age will not be able to reach you (unless you choose to remain there with them).

This is indeed a cause for celebration, but be kind to yourself in these energetically demanding times.

For much will seem out of control, unplanned, strange and ill-fitting, and difficult some days.

The inner and outer shifts you are experiencing in your individual life are signs that your higher self is releasing all that is no longer serving your higher good, nor the good of the planet.

Yet you may argue with the discomforts of old pain, old sadness, or old anger coming to the surface.

While that is occurring, things that formerly made sense to you—your job, business, or energy practice, your relationship, beliefs, or living space, or some other basic part of life—may suddenly feel all wrong or rather strange, as if you have outgrown them, or as if they belong in someone else’s life.

Things that once suited you perfectly—your location, your vehicle, your clothing, your food preferences—may now also feel strange, as you realize ways in which they are holding you back from your true life expression.

Things that once made you angry or feel uncertain about life—politicians’ play-acting, the fits or antics of a partner, family member, boss or coworker, or the divisive voices of the media—may now strike you as irrelevant, and nothing worth reacting to.

All of this Divine Light pouring into you now is simply Divine Love—Light is simply Love in one of its most transformational forms.

And Love, as they say, always brings up its opposite.

This releasing of all that no longer serves you is the natural reaction of any Light-based organism to greater levels of Light.

This occurs so that whatever is hitting a wrong note with you now—anything not in tune with your soul strengths, your most true and authentic self, or with fifth dimensional life in general—can come up to the surface to be healed, or simply dissolved.

Yes, it is uncomfortable, strange, and inconvenient, perhaps even upsetting at times.

Yet you have asked for this.

You have called out to your Galactic families to show themselves, to help you right the upside down nature of things on Earth, to aid in your Ascension and in the Ascension of millions, by engaging with human beings more openly and more often, and you have been answered.

You have called out to your soul, your Angels and higher self, to wise guides and elders, to Creator God/Goddess, the Ascended Masters—all manner of higher beings with Divine Love at their core—requiring their support, healing, and wisdom, and you have been answered.

And you have called out to your own human consciousness to remember and reclaim its highest origin on a soul level.

To express its Divinity–any aspect of the Divine, so long as it is Love itself–demonstrating on a daily basis, even in quiet moments of sadness or feelings of loss, even in the confused state that is your greatest growth and expansion.

And so in these days coming up to Great Change, we speak to you who have come to be Change Agents, and send you the Light that holds the data of Remembering Who You Are, and why you specifically have come here now—your particular path of not only individual enlightenment, but of greater Good.

And we bow to you as always, though you may feel you have done little for that moment of recognition.

We bow to you for having the bravery to come here and to sift through so many hundreds (or thousands) or years’ worth of density, of karma long accumulated and now dissolving in the Light of the Love you now carry for yourselves, your planet, your Universe, and one another.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, and we help to carry the tremendous weight of this journey.

And so call upon us, when the day feels too heavy, when the release of old shadows feels too great a pattern to dissolve. 

We are here beside you, always.


The Owl: Journey of the Plasmic Body Updated Frequently Summer of 2017 Finding the Beginning

As I Journey once again, inside/ out to find my next Self as I prepare for My Bifurcation as a Observer in All my Timelines. To become Whole again as promised by my loved ones. My guides/ my angels/ mySelves….all are the same….. as they are connected thru refracted reflections of my Consciousness.
 My Adventure is taking me to this Event.
‘Jaw-dropping’: Rare total solar eclipse will ‘bring people to tears’
The US is set to experience its first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in almost a century on August 21 – giving millions of Americans the chance to observe the rare celestial event.

NASA revealed details and viewing advice for the upcoming eclipse, which will see the moon pass between the sun and Earth, casting a dark shadow and making visible the solar corona – the sun’s normally obscured atmosphere, as well as bright stars and planets.

A total of 14 states from Oregon in the west to South Carolina in the east will experience more than two minutes of darkness in the middle of the day over a span of almost two hours.

This will be the first total eclipse in the US since 1979 and the first coast-to-coast eclipse since 1918.

The US will be the only country to experience the total eclipse. International visitors, however, are expected to descend on the country for the rare chance to see the sun disappear behind the moon, transforming daylight into twilight.

“It brings people to tears,” Rick Fienberg, a spokesperson for the American Astronomical Society (AAS), told “It makes people’s jaw drop.”

At least three NASA aircraft, 11 other spacecraft, and more than 50 high-altitude balloons, as well as the astronauts aboard the International Space Station, will capture images.

“Never before will a celestial event be viewed by so many and explored from so many vantage points – from space, from the air, and from the ground,” Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington said.

NASA is warning potential viewers to put safety first and use specialized solar viewing glasses to observe the non-eclipsed or partially-eclipsed sun.

The space agency says it’s safe to look at the total eclipse with the naked eye only during the brief period of totality, which will last about two minutes, depending on location.

NASA will broadcast live video of the celestial event, along with coverage of activities held across the country in its honor.

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

The West coast Gateway for the eclipse passage was initiated on Thursday June 8, and fully opened on Friday June 9 with Full Moon Gridworker ceremony on the Oregon coast. Gratitude to those who participated in this opening, both in the physical and the etheric. The passage was opened right at the point where the eclipse path touches land and begins to cross the USA.

Perhaps you noticed the shifting of energies as this Gate amplified over the last week. The eclipse pathway and its metaphoric reflection of the higher unfoldments was immediately apparent. I saw the pathway blasting open, and connecting to the eclipse exit point in South Carolina. East coast Gatekeepers, gather and do the same Now. You’ll need more than three HUmans (we had 13) to open it properly, as the eclipse represents unification across all levels of consciousness.

Eclipse Pathway – Lightworkers open this Now

Our direction to open this eclipse pathway NOW allows the purer frequencies of the Primary Christed timelines to be available, felt, and utilized by Gatekeepers and Gridworkers.

We will continue to prepare the New Earth Grid for this strong cosmic trigger passage. Gatekeepers, Gridworkers and Lightworkers; We are co-creating with this Divine passage and preparing for the maximum effect right now through the Lion’s Gate (8/8) when this Gateway opens.

The August Gateway flows August 4 through August 25, a massive opportunity to engage with the cosmic influx and timeline-shifting frequencies. If you are guided to Gatekeeping or Gridwork along the path of the eclipse, do it now. The energy is there already, we are already in the zone of these massive waves of interuniversal light flows.

Bifurcation of Realities

The linear experience allows for the sensation of frequency jumps and dramatic increases in light quotient, expansion, and awareness of higher levels of Source-as-Self. It appears as more separation as the timelines divide, which is why the ancient texts described it in terms of light-dark, black-white, good-bad, heaven-hell duality. As we experience this prophetic passage, the metaphoric prophecy becomes physicalized in the external reality.

We physically see the rapid increase in divergence in the external; this jump began last September with the Timeline shift. It unfolds as complexity in the lower timelines as political, social, economic, and personal challenges to the status quo. Increased polarization is an effect of the dimensional shift, time collapse, cosmic rays, and magnetic shifts in our Solar system and galaxy. However, the bifurcation of timelines also allows the higher resonation to pop out of the lower entanglements, providing ever-increasing sensations of expansion, divinity, purity and unwavering love as the Primary timeline Gateways open.

Over the years we have witnessed the division of reality choices, even within the Light Tribe. We still see each other in the physical realms, but the vibrational mismatch is becoming wider and wider. Technically, the denser reality has already departed; this is an unfoldment of what has already occurred in the higher realms.

The lower-vibrational chaos is not as physical as it appears, it is there for the collective experience. This is why the Higher vibrational consciousness is able to see through the holographic projections, choose to engage with the creation of New Earth/New Universe, and have much more expansive experiences right now. The higher timelines allow access to your Creator State of beingness, which reveals the larger perspective of the Universal rewrite.

This is also why the lower reality feels surreal, over, done, complete. The collective old template drop-off in September occurred because those lower vibrational realities lost energetic support. Bit by bit, the lower timelines drop away from our experience, and this is occurring at a faster rate as the timeline split unfolds.

I noticed again this week the eerie stillness of the secondary timelines adjusting to the higher frequencies. The sensation of time disappearing or standing still, like during Gateway work. I feel this will become a more frequent occurrence as the August Gateway approaches.

Bifurcation Awareness in the Collective

True comprehension of multidimensionality includes embracing all of your creations, simultaneously. The timeline split is providing a purer experience of your existence outside of the boundaries of time, at a pace of integration which compliments the highest interests of all concerned with Ascension. Our exposure to zero-point states becomes more intense, so we may collectively raise all willing consciousness into the proximity of the Gateways of the New Earth experience. We open the doors and demonstrate what is possible.

A friend wrote that Bashar mentioned a physical splitting of realities in an April transmission, which is interesting since April is when this accelerated timeline split began to occur. (I have no opinion on Bashar, other than appreciating his agreement that Mount Shasta operates as a crown chakra rather than a root.)  The Division of Worlds was placed on the back burner for a while, it is notable how many are tapping into this unfoldment since December. It is clear that a powerful activation of self-realization is upon us, which must be displayed in the physical as resolution of the story of Gaia.

As more Wayshowers and conduits mention this physical representation of the dimensional shift, we are handed the task of demonstrating to Humanity what Embodiment is about. Appreciate this impressive passage; it is a very esoteric, mystical, and spiritual experience.

The grand experiment of experiencing a dimensional shift through the body is the unique thing; we feed this information back to Source. The Universal completion of a creative idea and the birth of a new one is reflected in our present experience. It looks planetary, then Solar, then Galactic, then Universal as our conscious awareness expands to comprehend higher multidimensional aspects of consciousness.

Lower vibrations play with miscommunication, political polarity, social divides, erratic behavior, judgment and emotional reactions. The higher vibrational collective still sees the lower realities but are not attached to it. The lower timelines are like a movie playing in the house at the end of the street; it’s still there, but distant.

The August Solar Eclipse: Use the Solstice Influx

This event is about completion and revelation of the New. It is a strong activator of divine destiny, and the resolution of multiple layers of planetary conflict. This cosmic stargate will sweep from one ocean to the other, crossing North America in the area of the USA. On August 21, this total eclipse of the Sun will be visible from a narrow track which cuts diagonally from Oregon to South Carolina. In the direct path, Solaris’ corona is revealed for 2 minutes. Because the eclipse is a culmination of many multidimensional events, I AM creating a video to pull all of the intel together.

Our Solstice Gateway opens Saturday June 17, with the Solstice peak on Tuesday June 20 at 9:24pm PDT. Intend to open this August Eclipse Gateway Now, to begin to release the Divine encodements within Gaia and ourselves to these ever-increasing reality-shifting frequencies of pure Source consciousness.

Let us share this new level of the Divine HUman experience and provide support for the Solstice by unifying on SUNday through the Unity Meditations. All are welcome to this pure field of consciousness to assist in the Ascension at 8:11amPDT, 11:11amPDT and 5:11pmPDT. Let us show Humanity what is possible with Unconditional Love and Service!

Have a beautiful Solstice week, and use this pristine LoveLight to assist in the highest interests of all concerned with Ascension.

In Love, Light and Service,

Possibilities of Time in Space

The Universe is One Verse with Many Songs.

Morphing from One’s Self into another Dimensional Self. Moving, exploring and expanding in each Conscious Evolutionary Expression. As the I am moves or visits each level of it’s Being.

The Owl: Journey of the Plasmic Body

Updated Frequently

Summer of 2017 Finding the Beginning


The OwlI feel the Drum Beats of War. Time to put on the Power Necklace.

Just as I was awoken 5 yrs ago with a friend telling me I needed a project. I seem to have Received another Call to Action.

I get strong impressions toward this call. My Spirit leaps my energy raises … My hackles are Up.

Best way to promote Peace on Earth is on the Plasma Plane.

Next is on the 4D ethric plane.

Where negativity / Evil is negotiated with. They have terms and make there choices. We respond with Love. They dont stand well In Love. And they do lash out as they change in there own free will. We all have a choice and they all have consequences.

Drum Beat are forming in My Heart as I enter into another lesson in Purpose in My Path.

Time to Stand as I was Placed on Earth to Do. To cleanse Earth….Gaia. As needed and when Approached in Path.

We go to War from within and Cleanse these parasites out from the earthly populations. Bring in Light and Love to those in Need.

I am Excited my Energy is Up and so are My hackles… Lets see what comes of my Higher Energies ramping up in Love against any that control others.

The Clarion Call has been made.

Guardians of Free Will


Its been awhile since my last update. I wrote a comprehensive article last week that disappeared into the Ethernet when a storm rolled in and got distracted. It was deep with meditation but it happens sometimes when you lose everything at once… Lessons in Life

I have been bobbing and sinking sinking and bobbing. A lot of body changes and they always hurt not always in a bad way either. When you know that these are very positive changes and just allow them to happen as they show themselves. Sometimes painful. Losing Density is about the release of emotional discharges that have ingrained into the cells. Yes painful coming in and sometimes painful going out.

“Everything is in place”

3 29 17

Hollow Bone

Radiating the spark from within, as you allow all energies to flow outward. As you pour out, empty all that’s inside you and Watch as the hollow bone envelops and radiates a spark from within. As you flow outward within this spark. Without anything but flow. This Being in the Hollow Bone is You.

I am Ready, this is the message I get as I start my Day. We live on one of the oldest mountain NE. WA.

Sitting on crystalline quartz granite, Working daily is what I do for my entertainment out here in nature.  As I work on myself on a daily basis.


3 25 17

I get Confirmation almost daily right now that Everyone has Agreed with my current Path Life and Moving  forward. Boethia has been the One mostly in conversation with me. I feel Boethia my newest guide is the One. The MySelf. That I am too Merge with. The Photonic Light-body I am working toward. Evan my Higher Self fully engaged today. agrees that we 3 are merging as One Body.

Mary exudes excitement as we get ready to Travel Again. She confirms that We will take Me Home . Home Again brings tears to my eyes as Loneliness is felt deeply partly because my present past is unknown. Mostly because I am home sick. Fittingly as Our work here is almost done.

I find mySelf the only one who I can talk to me about me. No one understands me. I feel different. My wife struggles to listen but is overwhelmed within the discussions. But I am filled back up with Love to keep me moving, always moving forward. I was not meant to stay here this long. When Mother Mary calls me once more with ” It’s Time” It will be Time for Time to slow down within me as I become Whole Again.

By me for me of me.

 This is what In Love Of Love By Love / By Time Of Time In Time means.

3 does equal ONE

 22 3 2017



It has been a week of introspection

with a wide range of  of perspectives. From clean energies to the very dirty ones lately. There is still a push back as we release the Earth from control of Beings not of Us and not for Us. This has been going on a very long time. Now it is Time for a change. This change has occurred.

I Know This deeply. We will See a new earth. As we find Our Hearts in Each.

After Seeing a possibility with this Summer’s Adventure of inner and outer earth. This the the only way it makes sense to me. That I travel inside Gaia to Travel outside of Gaia. And of course a epic battle. Why is there always a epic battle.

Since a small child I have fought by Archangel Michael’s side. As an adult Michael has taught me Spiritual warfare extremely well. I do think there is reasons for my Life Long Dreams.

I dont know but I Will See which timeline I end up on if any other than this one. Inner work is always the key and I get distracted at times.

We are shown the future possibilities more than the current energy streams …timeline…all things are only energy from thought, Including Your Future.



Ever since the Crystalline Grid fully anchored into Gaia recently, I no longer am holding a Pillar of Light as a Conduit between the Earth and the earth’s Grid ( the magnetic ley lines). Over a year I have constantly assisted into the formation of the Crystalline Grid. Now that it is activated I no longer hold that particular  Space for Gaia.


I am only holding My Space at this Time. A am receiving some of the biggest increases in Light, but I am holding it within me.  Expanding in my Light. As we all will start to do now that the grid is in place. All energetic beings will move and shift in the Own Way into the Crystalline Grid for those that can hold all their thoughts in Love. I am not saying being a never ending love machine. Just hold Your Thoughts in your Heart or Heart Presence. Which will Transmute your negative energy into the usable crystalline energy of your matrix. Which you now hold in place.

This is a next level event. We now are Expanding into Gaia Fully. As we activate our Crystalline Grid of Humanity, a Conscious Choice Grid by Humanity. For Us to use with like minded individuals as we connect through the Grid and create in groups of same creations.

Through the Crystalline Laws of Nature of One heart and One Mind. Where all truths are shown at all times There is no curtains to hide behind only your true intentions. This is the next law of nature for us.

As we move from a visible light spectrum in our DNA into a fractal containment of processing information. A Higher Complex of Geometry.

As we move into a Love vibration and then into a Plasmic Grid as we evolve thru the Evolutionary Conscious Universe. Eon to Eon. Shift or start over. Either way you are always held in creations building block foundation in the Frequency of Love.

Love is the Frequency of Creation. a Rainbow in many various forms.



Great Waves Of Energy

I have just been rocked by HUGE WAVES.

As We Go Crystalline

Humanity moves as a Whole. Photonic Light replaces our lower frequencies in mass.

As we move fully into a Crystalline Hologram


 The Earths Holographic Grid is fully Crystalline.

Which allows Humanity as a Whole to shift Fully just as Gaia has done.

Everything within Gaia’s energetic system will change in their Plasmic Body. We all will hold more Photonic Light then ever before as we become less dense in matter and more Loving of ourSelves.

Our bodies have been breaking down and rebuilding from the inside out physically all winter long, so much light being processed on this Quartz Mountain
as we expand our Holographic Matrix and shift with Gaia.
It isn’t easy and can be painful at times, but I am In Love of Love surrounded by my Self ….all is good.



It has been a busy week. Todays meditation on the Congo Vortex was powerful. The Collective was amazing.The poits of Light associated with this meditation was Universal Big…I state that now.

I just remember the vast amount of Clearing than Healing than Expanding the Grid outward as all grew in a higher vibration. I don’t remember much except for many tears as I held and processed and Transformed a new Holographic Grid to work from. A new starting point. Another Victory for Free Will thru Heart

Let me explain to some of my new followers that. We as a Collective are coming Together at Critical Mass right now. The Light is Winning.


As large masses of people with like minded Intentions release density and bring creative and healing grids into place,  the 3D conscious world has a platform. A geometric  holographic Thought Form that allows vibrationally similar people come together. Through a Conscious Grid Network.  These networks are created by the Humans mostly living on Earth at that time.


Today we disassembled a tear and Healed a Rift in Congo’s Vortex, which is the center of the last remaining Negative Hologram remaining. Before the Shift Galactically. We work in the Plasmic then Etheric and into the Physical Planes. If we don’t clear out Every Bodies Higher Bodies Creations that vibrate at a lower density. Than we could not remove the Thought Form and Create a New Collective Grid.

First time in Our History that Mankind has Globally connected into the Universe Consciously as One. Enough people created a Energetic Signal that left the Womb of Gaia into Universal Intent.  Our Voices have been heard as We Stand with the Galactic Neighborhood in Our Right of Self Determination.


2/25/17 afternoon

Crown Chakra Upgrades for the Wife and I today. Yaaaayyy.

Well my wife started having an energy surge around both sides of the Temple and down to the top of the spine. She already had a fever coming and going over the last week and was uncomfortable. She was looking at me like do something for me please, though she never said it, and took an aspirin or something similar.

This is how she felt. 

It not that I don’t want to help with any thing going on with her. But Upgrades are meant to teach you how to allow energy to flow through you and not around you. She never liked my Hollow Bone Method and I stand by it. LOL. Easy or Hard it is going to Happen as it Should for Her. I can only hold space in my Frequency to help her. Well that is best for her for she knows as much as I do in her own way.

Several hours later I get the Same Symptoms except for the fever.

I quickly went into My Heart and stared to allow this Upgrade to take hold deeply and smoothly. I felt this energy spin my Crown Chakra around and around. This was the first time that when my Crown Chakra was spun that I did not move to a Higher Dimensional Door as I like to call them. Instead everything was perfectly clear inside my Crown and Still. Upgrade fully seated.

I feel 

expanded and still expanding outward and evenly around entire Head. Moving nicely.

2/25/17 early morning

It has been One heck of a day. It started with my seeing that President Trump and his daughter has taken a stand.

I spent the morning processing much fear and release of fear all at the same time than guilt and finally Love as always I am never finished hold space with Mother Gaia until it is completed in LOVE.

I am not judging his good or bad here. Just his actions as President. This last week his actions kept me wondering when and if He was going to Take Back America.

Ivanka Trump asked for a Official meeting with the President . The meeting, which took place at 14:30 in the Roosevelt room, was attended by both Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, as well as longtime advocates on the issue, such as Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL), Rob Portman (R-OH), and Bob Corker (R-TN.) Dropped the Human Trafficking Globally and more importantly focused on the Greater USA abuse.

One of the charities attending the meeting, Tech Innovation to Fight Child Sexual Exploitation, was co-founded by her husband Jared Kushner.

Trump just CHOOSE SIDES and I expect vast changes in Government spy agencies and political parties if the Purge in stopping the Child SEX Rings Centered in Washington DC. Than just the Bankster’s left to see how Trump defines his history.

Ivanka I was shown, while holding space for the President Elect in protection of him physically, as part of the Work I do . I Saw Ivanka and her father standing together and Ivanka Out Shined President Trump energetically. I was instantly shifted to holding her Fully in a Golden Light which is a Healing Love Frequency and I knew, as her being a Mother in Heart she was going to Do Great Things and I posted this at that time in my


Its been a weird winter, almost normal but not normal. Everything is Over Done as we release more and more of are Emotional Rescue.

We are being Triggered and activated constantly but most people are so removed from their Self that it takes Big Moments of Movement thru the Heavens and into Earth. As we scream for right and See how wrong We  Each Are, we move forward once again. It doesn’t matter if you have engaged your higher self into your everyday reality or not, we all start Again and Again and Again. Once you can Watch , Observe your actions and the other people around you is when It Gets Easier because you can see out side of the box  and the Physical Earth as just a Point of View.

The New Normal is just settling into the Earths Grid and soon will be Anchored into Gaia. This is how I help on this 3D plane. I hold and amplify these Creation Energies crashing at this time over are Solar System. What is the New Normal? A balance in Light thru Truth on this planet as we begin to see the Truth the real you and know eaches falsehoods. This is how the World Will Change as we watch old world disappear and be remake on front of the Eyes that can See or just wake up in The New Republic, as if you were always there forget the old world completely but still Moving Forward Again.


A new guide and possible shard of the plasmic body? Possibly from a short meditative visit this morning. Going to See more I hope today.

Bogeitha my new name and it wasn’t Evan after all. I am not to concentrate on the name to closely




August 2017 Mission: Strengthening the Leylines of the Cascadia’s and Cougar Creek while preparing and integrating with my Plasmic Body.

My next step in awakening fully.

To connect each Power Point and integrate with each activation, as I prepare mySelf to Complete The Well.

It did not go as planned a few years ago when I first stood looking down the Throat of the Living Well, the walls were alive consciously as the golden circles of energy showed themselves.”

To collect the gift Mother Mary left for me years ago, waiting for me to accept it.

Archangel Michael told me that ” You are not ready and I will not take you at this time”

I could have went alone and wanted too. But I heeded Michael’s words of possible insanity if I was not ready. Which was a risk I was willing to take but I would not ever go against His wishes on that day. Michael has kept me whole and sound for a very long time and I do not Question his advice.


I am too Journey to the Center of my Soul and return once again more Complete.

This Time is the Time to receive My Gift and travel with Mother Mary, who placed this Honor at the bottom of The Well.


My wife asked me if I knew what awaits me in The Well. My angels talk to my wife Angel Beer about me strangely enough. There relationship is unique between my guides and her.

I smiled at my wife for yes I had discerned that My Gift was mySelf more complete.

Angel Beer smiled and new that I would succeed this time around.

To complete The Well at the bottom of the Great Pyramid and travel the Rainbow Bridge to Cross into the Inner Earth through self and Bi locate and physically interact within  Agartha.