Another Understanding of the Cosmic Event

Another Understanding of the Cosmic Event

Another Understanding of the Cosmic Event
The Flash, a beat of the Galactic heart. Many religions refer to it as a culling a Wheat from the Shaft in a new rebirth. Which is the old paradigm and not today’s reality of a constant forward moment. No more death as we know it, for we will have remembrance of who we are and were. As we move from dimensional plane to dimensional plane,  we experience the Universe from the top tier in our Original Reflection to the bottom tier in duality and back into our highest Energetic Singular state in Being. A Greater Expanded Being than in our original Self of a refracted reflection of the Conscious Thought that created this Universe.
This is the moment when the Heart of the Galactic Center, a white Sun not a yellow sun, pulses again and the Evolution of Galactic thru Universal growth. This is how the Universe expands. Through a Comic vibrational frequency change. That rise all conscious energies to there highest potential in that moment.
The whole Milky Way Galaxy is about to have a Higher Body Experience. The Earth occupants are about to have the Greatest Out of Body experience in remembrance.
This isn’t going to be without a lot of Physical releasing of attached Emotions thoughts and ideals that are not in-line with the higher frequencies which we will be bathed in as this Flash occurs.
It can and will be painful physical as the physical cells are cleansed of lifetimes of control mechanisms from schools religions and upbringings. As the Emotional Body is brought into the higher vibrational Self, there will be a moment where the physical mind or Ego is stretched into a cacophony of the emotional energies being released. I would call this release a Life review. As all cell memory of all current earth lifetimes are released into a huger frequencies.
Literally, this has been my continuous reoccurring teaching that was define as a Going Home method. 5 years ago while I helped people who came to me or connected with me that where being attached/ attacked and Abducted by negative entities and beings as I stood up for the Right to there Free Will of self determination. I made many connections with these beings and was threaten to be removed personally from this Earth and imprisoned and my family was also threatened with harm in retribution for releasing this entities and restoring their free will by stepping in and by placing myself between the two as I claimed them part of mySelf. Which was true for we are all interconnected in some way but it was a trick, a way to justify in Their minds that I did indeed supersede their claims of rights. I was placed in a position where I could find myself a long way from home in a box. As I was threaten with and battled several attempts to do just that.
Put me in a box Literally… in a cell.
My Heart kept me safe and home by being consciously aware within the Heart.. Just as when the Flash occurs, you will need to be seated within the Heart Field consciously or you will be taken on a ride of every emotion you have experienced.
When engaged with the Heart you will allow your Higher Thought process to allow you to accept all things you touched in many lifetime and release all density through experiencing the 3 Dimension. Remembering that all that was experienced was triggered/created by your wants wishes desires as you navigated your mission or path in this lifetime.. You allowed yourSelf to experience these vibrational expansions into your Vibratory Signal. Expanding energetically through the contraction of the Physical Realm.
We will expand back out during this quantum shift. Entering and holding yourSelf in love. Immersing yourSelf into the Flow of the Energetic Change within the heart. Not to be wrestling with all the Emotional Bodies bagged, just letting all experiences slip away as fast as they come. By not attaching to any physical release. By following the directions you will be receiving, if you are open to them thru the clarity of the Heart. Each and everyone of us will have a Higher Guide with you. It will be up to you to be open follow your Heart.
I have been practicing during my lifetime here with several lessons that prepare me for this time. Mother Mary has taken me inside my heart as I rejoined myShadow self and then again recently as we traveled the west coast in connections of the Heart with the Crystalline Grid as I found mySelf Back Home during the Solar Eclipse this year in the Pleiades Evan home when he Consciously as an Ma’at to experience duality, which took great courage to bring us to this Earth Plane. And by being in Heart and Following Heart I brought him Home in 8/21/17.

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