The Owl: Journey of the Plasmic Body Updated Frequently Summer of 2017 Finding the Beginning


The OwlI feel the Drum Beats of War. Time to put on the Power Necklace.

Just as I was awoken 5 yrs ago with a friend telling me I needed a project. I seem to have Received another Call to Action.

I get strong impressions toward this call. My Spirit leaps my energy raises … My hackles are Up.

Best way to promote Peace on Earth is on the Plasma Plane.

Next is on the 4D ethric plane.

Where negativity / Evil is negotiated with. They have terms and make there choices. We respond with Love. They dont stand well In Love. And they do lash out as they change in there own free will. We all have a choice and they all have consequences.

Drum Beat are forming in My Heart as I enter into another lesson in Purpose in My Path.

Time to Stand as I was Placed on Earth to Do. To cleanse Earth….Gaia. As needed and when Approached in Path.

We go to War from within and Cleanse these parasites out from the earthly populations. Bring in Light and Love to those in Need.

I am Excited my Energy is Up and so are My hackles… Lets see what comes of my Higher Energies ramping up in Love against any that control others.

The Clarion Call has been made.

Guardians of Free Will


Its been awhile since my last update. I wrote a comprehensive article last week that disappeared into the Ethernet when a storm rolled in and got distracted. It was deep with meditation but it happens sometimes when you lose everything at once… Lessons in Life

I have been bobbing and sinking sinking and bobbing. A lot of body changes and they always hurt not always in a bad way either. When you know that these are very positive changes and just allow them to happen as they show themselves. Sometimes painful. Losing Density is about the release of emotional discharges that have ingrained into the cells. Yes painful coming in and sometimes painful going out.

3 29 17

Hollow Bone

Radiating the spark from within, as you allow all energies to flow outward. As you pour out, empty all that’s inside you and Watch as the hollow bone envelops and radiates a spark from within. As you flow outward within this spark. Without anything but flow. This Being in the Hollow Bone is You.

I am Ready, this is the message I get as I start my Day. We live on one of the oldest mountain NE. WA.

Sitting on crystalline quartz granite, Working daily is what I do for my entertainment out here in nature on a daily basis. As I work on myself.

3 25 17

I get Confirmation almost daily right now that Everyone has Agreed with my current Path Life and Moving  forward. Boethia has been the One mostly in conversation with me. I feel Boethia my newest guide is the One. The MySelf. That I am too Merge with. The Photonic Light-body I am working toward. Evan my Higher Self fully engaged today. agrees that we 3 are merging as One Body.

Mary exudes excitement as we get ready to Travel Again. She confirms that We will take Me Home . Home Again brings tears to my eyes as Loneliness is felt deeply partly because my present past is unknown. Mostly because I am home sick. Fittingly as Our work here is almost done.

I find mySelf the only one who I can talk to me about me. No one understands me. I feel different. My wife struggles to listen but is overwhelmed within the discussions. But I am filled back up with Love to keep me moving, always moving forward. I was not meant to stay here this long. When Mother Mary calls me once more with ” It’s Time” It will be Time for Time to slow down within me as I become Whole Again.

By me for me of me.

 This is what In Love Of Love By Love / By Time Of Time In Time means.

3 does equal ONE

3 22 2017



It been a week of introspection

with a wide range of  of perspectives. From clean energies to the very dirty ones lately. There is still a push back as we release the Earth from control of Beings not of Us and not for Us. This has been going on a very long time. Now it is Time for a change. This change has occurred.




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