Crown Chakra Upgrades for the Wife and I today. Yaaaayyy.

Crown Chakra Upgrades for the Wife and I today. Yaaaayyy.

Well my wife started having a energy surge around both sides of the Temple and down to the top of the spine. She already had a fever coming and going over the last week and was uncomfortable. She was looking at me like do something for me please, though she never said it, and took a aspirin or something similar.

This is how she felt. 

It not that I don’t want to help with any thing going on with her. But Upgrades are meant to teach you how to allow energy to flow through you and not around you. She never liked my Hollow Bone Method and I stand by it. LOL. Easy or Hard it is going to Happen as it Should for Her. I can only hold space in my Frequency to help her. Well that is best for her for she knows as much as I do in her own way.

Several hours later I get the Same Symptoms except for the fever.

I quickly went into My Heart and stared to allow this Upgrade to take hold deeply and smoothly. I felt this energy spin my Crown Chakra around and around. This was the first time that when my Crown Chakra was spun that I did not move to a Higher Dimensional Door as I like to call them. Instead everything was perfectly clear inside my Crown and Still. Upgrade fully seated.

I feel 

expanded and still expanding outward and evenly around entire Head. Moving nicely.

2/25/17 early morning

It has been One heck of a day. It started with my seeing that President Trump and his daughter has taken a stand.

I spent the morning processing much fear and release of fear all at the same time than guilt and finally Love as always I am never finished hold space with Mother Gaia until it is completed in LOVE.

I am not judging his good or bad here. Just his actions as President. This last week his actions kept me wondering when and if He was going to Take Back America.

Ivanka Trump asked for a Official meeting with the President . The meeting, which took place at 14:30 in the Roosevelt room, was attended by both Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, as well as longtime advocates on the issue, such as Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL), Rob Portman (R-OH), and Bob Corker (R-TN.) Dropped the Human Trafficking Globally and more importantly focused on the Greater USA abuse.

One of the charities attending the meeting, Tech Innovation to Fight Child Sexual Exploitation, was co-founded by her husband Jared Kushner.

Trump just CHOOSE SIDES and I expect vast changes in Government spy agencies and political parties if the Purge in stopping the Child SEX Rings Centered in Washington DC. Than just the Bankster’s left to see how Trump defines his history.

Ivanka I was shown, while holding space for the President Elect in protection of him physically, as part of the Work I do . I Saw Ivanka and her father standing together and Ivanka Out Shined President Trump energetically. I was instantly shifted to holding her Fully in a Golden Light which is a Healing Love Frequency and I new as a Mother in Heart she was going to Do Great Things and I posted this at that time in my


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