Dealing with Demons

For me, encountering demons came way before ever encountering angels. Which I am sure is the case for many others due to our typical 3D mind we can resonate with their frequency easier than that of…

Source: Dealing with Demons


One thought on “Dealing with Demons

  1. So many have these experiences. These attempts to subjugate our awakening are common. I had been fighting for my Free Will since a small child when I had goat feet walking up and down my back at 8 yrs old as I hid under my covers. When I stood up in anger and not of fear and threw back the covers….. is when I meet my first Angels. 8 yrs later as I walked down the wrong side of my power I was attached. It took another 10 years to release this grip and Own mySelf. I wrote much on this in my life. I am much wiser and have taken on the task of helping all who ask or come to me. And why I opened Those who need help Standing in their Light of Free Will. Thank You and Love You for your Experiences.


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