Pineal Gland Activation, a 108 Faceted Prism Activation and your Organs in a whole system healing.

Cougar Creek Energetic Center

We need to start with an understanding of how energy runs through the physical Body.

Lets start with how this energy of light enters into the Crown Chakra.

The Universe is a Living Conscious Being with multiple independent chakra systems that are synergistically whole. The Heavenly Bodies with Portals called Black Holes and White and Yellow Suns. Every galactic center has a White Sun that influence the Solar Systems thru the Yellow Suns. The Black Holes for contraction and grounding the Suns for expansion in consciousness.  Our physical body has top and bottom portals on our Aura, positive and negative, Father Sun- Mother Earth energy. Our chakra system is interconnected to our Solar System thru are Sun then from each planet in line, Every Planet [Richard Hoaglands] has a top and bottom positive – negative portal. The Solar System portals our fed from the Galaxy Systems portals from the multiple portals of the Conscious Evolutionary…

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