Your Individualistic Signal

This type of communication has no deception. The energy signal tells no lies.This is how 5D Earth as a Whole will interact. Knowing each others Heart’s in Truth. No more lying …no more control. Today it is called Discernment.

While interacting with Higher Dimensional Being, it is important to sort out the lower negative influences, by reading there energetic signal and allowing what and how you interact with other Beings.

This is protecting the Human Bodies electrical field in 3D.

This lesson I was taught to me by Arch Angel Michael many years ago as I was called to help people against negative Entities and Beings. There is no deception when reading Energy Signals. The Mirror Effect of Like Attraction allows controlling influences to affect you. I help reset the energetic field and intentions by clearing the Emotional Body from heavy density ingrained through wrong conclusions, past life trauma and deeds from exploring the 3D world. Raising the Vibration Signal to its highest possible level at any given time. Reinforcing your Vibrational Field is basic maintenance that you should perform daily.

It will become second nature as you continually build upon the last moment. Moving in any direction is moving forward as long as you stay centered within your Heart.

Experiencing the 3D world is a expansion in Self. Holding this  experience on a physical cellular level is contraction of Self. Exploring dimensions is accomplished by raising and lowering the Vibrational Field.  Independent Aspects or Lives of Us are in a scalar level to these joining fields. This is how Argonauts or time jumpers explore these regions of the Universe. By raising and lowering Vibrational Fields. You will always Go to the Matching frequency. You are always Moving!


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