Energetic Whole Body Breath Work

All people do in fact practice some form of breathing. Breath to keep the bio body oxygenated. Meditation breathing of, in the nose out the mouth, in the mouth out the mouth etc. Some slowly exhale, some naturally and some release surface density / negative reactions, with a fast quick exhale. Combinations of  all various techniques depending on the person.

All forms of Breath Work help center the mind into the heart or soul connection. If your goal it to raise your Vibrational Signal or Frequency for Ascension or Path Creation in a well balanced bio electro chemical body that attracts like vibration or Thoughts. Be it in every day interactions or Joining One’s Higher Aspects, Breath Work is a key component.

Energetic Whole Body Breath Work utilizes the Human Bodies whole energy system. Including the Tantric and Kundalini Energy  Passageways that run through the Chakra System and just above the surface of the skin interconnecting into the Auric Field.





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