Bifurcation in Time Shifting to Highest Potential

Consciously shifting to the maximum Blueprint of the Soul Level and Re-Pattering the potentiality in the Changing Vibrational Shift of Universal Conscious Cycle. 2016 -17 will be the Foundation that you Lay / Create and will experience into the 4D and more importantly beyond physicality for those who Blueprints of there Individualistic Geometric Energy Signal will allow the Integration of a Higher Frequency Attainment. This will be  Your Base , your new physical starting point going thru the next 7-10 year cycle of defining your Truth of Self. What unique Gifts, You bring to the Whole Collective. What brings you the most Love…Light…in your Conscious Spin of reflecting your Self experience back into your Originate Reflective from the Consciousness of the Universe…a Conscious Energy Wave.


The Mandala Effect is strongest during this Time of a Manifestation Period as we move as a whole and settle into individual time sets or vibrational structures. Bifurcation of Timelines is possible during this opportunity of redoing or changing the current time shift line. Even simply finding what you love in your heart in this moment today and Seeing it unfold from start to finish to fully realized or Actualized Bifurcation in Time Shifting to the Highest Potential of your geometric blueprint. This is my last lesson passed to me as a way for Star Seeds to move past the scalar frequency Compression of Negative Energy. Developed thru generations of manipulation of our Earth Grid’ toward the disconnection of Our Higher Light Bodies. The key word to me was Bifurcation as the modality toward shifting in 2016-17 integration period as our New Energetic Base, as Earth and US as a collective move fully into its new Dimensional Frequency. Each of our Independent Energetic Signals will then Shift toward our own geometric Structure of Light which is Designed to be Molded by You of You.

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