Downgrading the Dominate Feminine Aspect.

Pink Pussy Hat Parades across the Nation. A giant party funded by George Soros Groups.

As women march for the right to do want they want with a Vagina. They step on there own right to self determination. They become the sheep of men.


Why do these groups that want Special Laws for their Rights. As each group demands to be heard they step on the rights of Others. Be it gay, trans or straight. They are preventing All Peoples to have Equal Rights. Yes even me , a light-worker, who has the Same Rights as everyone else.

Am I Special and deserve More because I hold a higher vibrational light into the Earth, to bring and hold love and joy into the Energy grid that holds the Earths intentions.

No more special than any other Human of Earth.

The ones screaming the loudest need the most Love and Compassion, to assure there self determination.

Not Special Rights

How Empathy and Emotional Evolution Will Save Us, and Why Feminine Energy is the Answer to Political Struggle, & Cultural Divineness That is Ceasing the World


Trump, Marches, and Psyops Operations to Divide The World


This is separatism by a Control State Mechanism created by Banksters, Gangsters and Soros.

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