American Revolution 2: repost of a personal message.

Update January 20 2017: Hold onto Your Hats

As the morning progresses there seems to be a war going on… and I get a real good feeling along with it.

Note: I am currently looking toward a Hard Disclosure on a coup of America and a change in energetic realization. As we move into a conscious revolution in evolution


I have something to say about My work that is my Life. It is about holding a higher vibrational space into the Earth.. and I spent most my time doing so. I have been working against the emotional havoc created to keep you busy. There is much to say about how Thoughts Move the World… Other words I find myself directly in line with all this bs, it is not what is real, just a way to occupy / control the world…America needs to Heal…from the Top down and these changes are a good thing.. Trump was a Means to an end .. not the way.. Putin is not who you Think He Is… or was…and I support him on many energetic levels … Trump is a wait and see … Obama was a Lair period and Clinton is the bad things they say, it is true… do the work inside and out to make your own choice… but i do not back down in love of love for Love as I Do Fight the Fight…and sometimes I feel my family’s energy… I worry at times.. there is a line in the sand… it is about talking sides and the World is taking a stand… be on the side of love and it will take you home.

Some say a Take Over is at hand. This is true. But this time it is the good guys… our future family of past in today…Us is saving us…so too speak. Not in back to the future style.. but growing up too who we are.


images (1).jpg


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