Possibilities of Time and Space

A Universe is One verse with many songs playing out with in Its Selves.

All Energetically Morphing from One dimensional law into another dimensional law. Moving, exploring and expanding each individual’s Conscious Evolutionary Expression. As the I am moves or visits each level of it’s Self.

This doesn’t mean a constant splitting of timelines. Lives of a Being in constant Perpetuation.

It is simply a Morphing into an Endless Stream of Possibilities of your own imagination… which is the base of your self creation. You imagine the possibilities you encounter.

earth water

A Multi verse is many Verses playing out between Each verse..

As Each Individualistic Signal reaches a point of Equilibrium within it’s Universe by consciously touching all aspects with the construct. It will Morph and Separate into its own Universal Song still connected to it’s Originality into a multi verse.

You Resonated to a State of Duality in Exploration from a single state or Thought in Mind. From a Higher vibrating Light Body into a Emotional based Physical Body. Cemented in Self, creation of density through the action reaction laws of the 3D plane or timeline. Returning back through The laws of Singularity. Which are Heart based thru Love. The Christ Consciousness of the Crystalline DNA.


Back into a Plasmic Field of Conscious Thought.

What then is the Complete Song of the Multiverse? I don’t know yet.


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