Yesterday was a very Uplifting day.


Yesterday was a very Uplifting day. I have had a month of very deep heart centered downloads. While Angel and I were watching the New Atlantis vid from Cobra, one of these downloads was activated. I have not unpacked it yet but it was connected to the St Germain Codes of Understanding not yet released…. understanding the meaning which energetically triggers the vibrational resonance. I become aware in the moment. I remember my mission as I move forward with and In Self…


Its early Friday morning and I met My next Higher Aspect for the first time while wide awake in 3D. My Plasmic Consciousness or Body.  He had male energy and came to me so seamlessly and naturally, almost in 3D awareness.

A confusing connection of mySelf and a Ascended Master interacting with me. I will figure it out.

I was told the standard message of “being in the right place and doing the proper things”.

I did not receive a name when I asked for a name. (asking a name is something I use to feel out there energy signal … how their energy flows between us , is how I read the truth of Each between Each.. If  they are open to a Heart to Heart connection and He had a deep heart Connection with me. If not I will not allow any energy exchange.. I shut them out..But it is clear that He was a higher vibrationally Being, who came to me from above and through my 3rd eye and not just up or into my Auric Field in interaction.

He clearly came from within my Heart as Me meeting Me. This is clear to me. I know my energy and Me very well. Emotional, physically and energetically.

I am excited to start raising mySelf to meet and Join my Next Body in Light.


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