A Line in the Sand

 I am posting this because it encompasses many facets of life. Spiritual War is coming to a end. How one interprets the Signs and messages is also many Faceted.

In Love Of Love By Love is my mantra. My Choice of which side of the Line I Stand.

Well I am the last one to mis match words.

Months ago the same message came to me and I have been pounding it across to my wife. With concern of some of my family members inability in Discernment. Some may leave this plane for not Being able to Stand in the Light of the Event.

Open Heart Open Mind in Discernment with Kenn Dunn and all messages. He Loves You just as I Do.

Prime Creator says Free Will is revoked.

A Line in the Sand means you can not love and hate in choice.

Love Yourself than others Deeply.

Let go of judgement including self.

To move into the New World.

I get higher love messages as I constantly hold all things Today in My Heart.

Kent Dunn also has his cross to bear. I don’t believe in dates as it is not about a Time of Space  but a Space in Time  that Blossoms.


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