Heart Back Portal Activation 1/10/17

Can’t sleep. When I went to bed earlier, I  started to vibrate in the center of my Back. The back portal of my Heart Chakra.


The same dimensional space that Evan my Higher Self used when He Walked into me a few yrs ago. I was able to hold my frequency at a high enough level so that we could Join, which means to interact, move forward in Our self creation on a daily basis while fully awake and aware in the 3D plane.  The back Portal is a sacred space that holds the 3D matrix in place. When I spin the Heart Chakra my back portal opens up and shoots forward out front of my solar plexus and then pulses back and forth into a  vortex which I push out into my auric field. If stable it will spin up into my Merkaba. I still only do this when working with my guides. This vortex is changing into a morphic plasma field. The back portal encompasses the soft spot at the back of my head, centered down into my Perineum

and into the portals on the bottom of my feet. It felt like a membrane being plucked like a harp. A access point being ingrained across my backs chakra system. Duality is coming closer within as I express farther and brighter outward in my Light. A cycle of light and dark completed. I follow the strings of vibration through my body and closely hold this energy in Love thru my Heart as the Music of my Soul is played, as I match its resonance into my Individualistic Signal as best as I can.


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