The Plasmic Field creates the Illusion of Gravity.

The 3D Electromagnetic Torsion Fields are designed to bring Mass back into sound and light entering into the Higher Vibration Plasmic Field. The Secret of  building the Pyramids. Ascension has the Same Laws of Self. The Purpose of Magnetic Polarity is a gateway, a road into another part of Consciousness. Back into the next Body of Light, the Plasmic Field. The vibrational difference between the two Fields of electromagnetic and Plasma create a push pull an attract and repel effect as you are constantly aligning an realigning in between these two fields in movement . Either Up or Down, depending on how Your personal Energy Signal is tuned a any particular moment.This Simulates what scientist think as Gravity.

A Rainbow reverberating between both dimensional fields

Your Heart is a Portal achieved by The Spiral of Consciousness((fibonacci sequence) and the Chakra System thru the Heart’s Vortex. The human heart is a multilayer dimensional portal that uses the auric field’s energy to create reality. that teleports you Constantly into a Direct Alignment of Cellular Dimensional Vibrational attachment.This expands the space that you are in. Expansion of the Universe as You travel Back Home. To your origin or singularity. A Being of only Conscious Thought down into the 3D plane As a Contraction in Self thru the Ebbs and Flows of the Universe



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