Update 12/31/16: Hang On 12/18/16 is a New Years Request

This feels like last update for this post. These huge gamma burst really have lived up to the hype. Ushering in the New Year. A Happy and Bright New Year. As predicted, but by no means was it certain, that the Unveiling of lies and deceit have begun. The curtain has been pulled back. The is a Great Time as we Heal these deep deep wounds against Men Women and Children. Against Mother Earth and all upon her.

The People have a choice and a voice. United with conscious choice and the ability to speak out and Collective Will Be Done. Our brothers and sisters of above and below are supporting these Openings of Change. Light forces are ready as in Egypt, to help as the shift continues, and expose the Operators of the Veil. The minions of the Drago. While those responsible are being held accountable.

This end is not complete. It is just a beginning to a quickly accelerating end means to Self Choice and a Collective Based created reality. In which Abundance of all Things will manifest as the Heart of Man serve each other as there own Being.

As I write this post, I feel the Infrasound Waves of soul distraction continue to ramp up and down between frequencies. Playing a tune of sleep and control. The war continues but The Veil has Fallen and Lets Get to Work. Clean up time, but we need your conscious Vote as a Whole to finish the Job.

So spend time as often as possible to just say YES to the Highest Good. An easy no miss solution to the end. A conscious Thought of Self determination. Express your free will. From inside from the Hearts Vibrational Tune…sing out love for the Highest Good.  For Us.



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