Update: for December 28 2016. Hang On

Update 12/29/16: I have been up for almost 24 hrs and still wide awake though my eyes are very tired. This has been an amazing experience as far as Energy Integration. It started with the AI interference cranked just before the wave hit. I was crushed with the New Round of Light Pulses (starting now and culminating in August, but still not the Event because of the September 1st deadline for the Cabal to make a choice of the Light or the Galactic Sun…that is the choice)…. So I am crushed between these Two Energies, the lower infra sound to lower my vibration against this finely tuned Bliss Bomb. And my cells released a heaviness that was lifetimes old. I flicked this residue off my fingers like black goo, as I shook off the dense heavy energy leaving my Aura. The only other time I have been surrounded by a 7D energy is when brought into this higher realm with Arch Angel Michael. Mother mary also has raised my cellular vibration to this level several times as she keeps her promise of always being there even when my other teachers were not allowed. She is my Mother in all aspects and will always be there in my deepest needs… and has been. Back to this Emotional Body Clearing…wow.. emotions just leaving my cellular structure. Unidentified and unattached. A 101 manual for leaving the 3rd density or consciousness. This is coming Your Way so be aware. You cant even hide underground from this process of becoming a higher vibrating Being.My wife Angel Beer always acts like nothing is going on…Thank You Honey.

P.S. This is just the start of a clearer higher energy as we start the process of moving into a higher space in time. These waves will increase in intensity until a culmination event in August. This is a Big Step in preparation for Humanity, on a physical level for the Event…. of light…in the Conscious Evolutionary Universe.22430_818360998240093_9090934612320352431_n



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