Update 12/30/16: December 28 2016 Hang On

Update 12/30/16: Sleeping has not been part of the last few days agenda. Unless long periods of meditation is considered sleeping. For me 45 min is a long and exhausting time of work Done. I get in and get to work and exit. So these prolong hour and a half periods of energy work is exhausting and exhilarating in Balance and keeping me centered.

The important information was in working with Evan my Higher Perspective, we connected close to a first person perspective. There was some drop offs in energy levels so some phasing in and out but much closer to talking to a close friend. Not perfect but a clear interaction that resulted in some path ways / life lessons decisions. We both seem to hold back the deepest gaps in our energy stream, the hard down to Earth changes still to be made in 3D.  I do not agree in the way energy exchanges in the 3D, they way the deck is stacked against a positive energy feedback. I am stuck in between exploring its possibilities and exiting the timeline. Evan wishes I would just quit foolin around and buckle up… I really suck n this 3D game. This is why we live out in the woods a hundred miles from costco and walmart, much easier on our physic. My wife tells me not to worry so much, because I will get through this 3D mess shortly and will traverse like a shooting star back home.

Together we  worked out our upcoming 2017 Agenda, focusing on the August 2017 Mt Shasta Mission. These interactions move so rapidly in Thought forms that a long meeting is a flash in my mind and I have to rewind  a bit back and this is where I have drop offs or phase outs. I want to make sure my opinion is heard but the conversation is completed so fast, I go back through the thought forms we shared back and forth to find out that all was addressed as I intended. Which adds a little confusion while Evan waits for the conclusion and approval or final questions type ending to our meeting. Much of the details will come as they need to happen, I only seem to retain the major points like when where and why but a lot of the how is open to a directional momentum that I create. I trust will be I where I should be at the right time. The physical and non physical parts of me will change as I go forward in Heart as necessary to complete my path. The new energies will support the changes and needs to accomplish my mission. I will get more up to speed as I continue to raise my vibrational signal. It was very casual and I could say a relaxed interaction on a level scale in vibrational energy. We were in Sync. This is the important update for Coming Days as  we will be working hand in hand with our Higher Selves naturally and seamlessly.



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