Mission August 2017: Going to Mt Shasta


I have been called to Mt Shasta next summer in some sort of Meeting or diplomacy type of function. Probably I will receive some clear instructions and tools about the upper and lower Earth’s merging as a Total Planet Alliance. I am hoping at this point physical interactions are on the schedule. Either way I will be ready and available on site. This is occurring during one of the biggest plasma field bomb explosions on record. It just entered into our Sun and into the Earth’s Magnetic Field on 12/28/16 that will reach its peak during this call in August of 2017. I am assuming the timing has to do with the energetic influx that will help align the energy fields within the planet.

I am excited with the possibilities of many people of different talents ascending upon Mt Shasta during this time or from your current locality. I will have my Heart open to connections on a personal scale as I move forward on my Path. This is a Vortex opening up Permanently, it could be described as The Veil Lifting right before the big Event or Movement in Dimensionality. It is a  Opening between the 3rd and 5th dimensional awareness. A major clearing opening up the potentiality of The Event. Ushering in of the Event.


Exciting times with much information to come forward as it is brought to me.


Love Encircled

Be I


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