As we come closer to our Higher Bodies

As the Higher Self becomes closer aligned to our reality, we will shortly consider it  The Higher Perspective or something along this line that denotes a non separated state in Our Higher Bodies, as they will join in equal parts as we move fully into a 5D state of awareness.The next step of Conscious Evolution or Level of Remembrance will be as we integrate into a 7D model with our Plasma Body joined. Right now our last remembrance in our cellular DNA that transposes one’s Life Path down-into today’s physical reality is in flux from 3D state to a 4-6 D state of awareness, as we move toward our Lightbody Higher Self in a 5D state. Next as we Ascend into 7D, the Plasma Body will be rejoined and our awareness will be from a completely non physical state of form in a Plasmic Auric Field. Just as we have a Lightbody Higher Self in this timeline. We will have a Plasmic based Aura and Higher Self in the next Conscious Jump.  Today we have a Electro Magnetic Auric Field.



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