Cleaning Up America

As we the people move into a New Dimensional Era. The Office of Presidency will become a group and a  Republic Federation. A Council of 9.



These first months going into 2017 is crucial President Donald Trump uses the talent he has put in office as part of his Cabinet Appointees. Trump may Fire more cabinet members in his first term than any other President in US history. Trump has hired the most talented people for the Job of Cleaning Up America, yes many are within the close relationship of the outgoing criminals of the Clinton / Bush Era.  But they know how the System Works and how to Fix the Mess. So lets SEE whats to come in Trumps first term and a half, if we are on the Higher Timeline that I perceive. Than a Galactic Council of 9 of The Republic of United States  will Replace the current Electoral Vote and the General Elections. We as a New Earth will join into the ongoing Galactic Commerce of Our Solar System as a Full Member of The Galactic Federation.



This is my Interpretation of the Cabal Magic Tarot Cards in a change from Trump sitting in Judgement to being replaced by the Masonic Symbol of the Phoenix / Eagle, which is also a Mystery School Symbol of the Ancient Sumerians in Egypt of Higher Learning or vibrational uplifting. Sitting in Judgement is a further attempt the to waylay the ultimate outcome of Earths free will to control its own destiny. This is not a  Removal of Donald Trump , an Assassination of Trump or the Energetic Control of Donald Trump as the cabal would like to perpetuate.

But Humanity creating its Own Reality thu Free Will as we become Energetically Aware as we usher into the Age of Change.


As perceived by my Higher Self.




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