Sirius B, The Galactic Center and a personal DNA Activation.

The Dog Star has connections for as long as Man remembers. 

The Lions Gate Portal

earth water

August 8th, the 8th day of the 8th month in a year. This is when Sirius is closet to the Earth while aligned with the Milky Ways Galactic Center. A Chakra of our Galaxy into the Heart of the Universe.

I woke up this Monday morning wondering, did I make the Shift with the Lions Gate DNA Upgrade. Still lying in bed I asked my new connection with a Rainbow Elder based in Mt. Shasta if I made the shift.

I met this individual, of the Rainbow Diamond Council of Elders , while working with Amorahs Quan Yin’s Sacred Earth Activation’s.

He gave confirmation that Yes I made the Shift… using my description of this energetic time. I really wasn’t convinced of this affirmation, and rightly so because yes it was done already even on a physical level, but not fully actualized or activated yet.

.As I reaffirmed that yes, things are going well and I just needed the let the process unfold, I went into a meditation to connect with the Lions Gate .When I entered into it’s  vibrational field, my guide had me affirm that “indeed I have fully  entered  The Lions Gate.”

During this time most of the interactions with the Rainbow Elder  has been strictly about my personal growth and where I am at in my path or experience of lesson at this time.
Again my direction has been to just keeping building on my current Vibrational Dimensional Frequency and let Everything Just Flow Thru You and continue to be the Witness, an Observer of what unfolds into my energy field as my reality is manifested through Self creation. With the direction in Service to love those who need help as I encounter them, using the frequency of the opposite response of their Pain Hurt Suffering or Confusion as there cellular density is healed…Pain with Comfort….Hurt with Love…Suffering with Empathy…Confusion with Clarity. As my frequency response is one more contribution as a Whole, in Humanity’s move into a Higher  Human Consciousness of the 5D current based reality of Earth. Doing my service as we cross paths energetically and physically thru this realm.As we help each others Emotional Bodies process out of a 3D mindset and into a Heart Love Connection toward all of the Races of our Family.

460 (6)

On this morning another curious fact that a Gamma Ray burst that was 6.3 seconds long had just entered the Earths Grid

Right on time with the opening of the Lions Gate Portal.

So I decided to See what was going on this day. As I reached out with my Energy Field,  I connected with the portal. It was an opening into time and space just a you would picture from the Hubble Spacecraft.


As  entered into this Portal, I was met by a Lion Being and was released into a vibration of Love and Peacefulness, and was welcomed with “You are I and I am You… Welcome”. I was joyed with  this Time of Opportunity in the Conscious Universes evolutionary upgrade.

A hour or so into the day I started to get some very large downloads so I sat in my favorite recliner and just allowed the Chakra System to absorb this vibrational frequency. My newest Guide started working with me and had me open up my Heart Chakra and spin my energy field  thru the Back Heart Portal and out the front of the Solar Plexus…the soul connection,  as I connected my personal vortex into the opening of the Lions Gate.

This anchored my DNA Strands into the Higher Dimensional Frequency of the Galactic Centers conscious upgrade.


and continued the rest of the day in a Loving Bliss.

Lions Face



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