11/21/2015 THE EVENT

The Reset was acquired.

Wings of Earth’s Etheric Body restored.

The Matrix removed, Earth’s hologram dismantled

Negative Energy recycled anew, as it imploded into Earths vacuum as the Ascension of all Inhabits occurred with the Earth’s movement into a Higher Vibrational Frequency.
Earth is fully seated into Self Realization as Earth fully moved into it’s next Dimensional Awareness.

This was my Understanding/Experience in Today’s Meditation. Here is my description of today’s event:
Right away as all connected thru their Star Chakra the Earth Grid glowed in Golden Energy. As all plasma strangelet and toplet energies of droplet bombs were removed, the Skies cleared as the Clouds and Atmosphere became Renewed. As I was moved to connect directly my intent of awareness directly into Source, to show that I am fully aware. Intentions melted away all weapons of every kind. Electronic chemical, physical and non- physical weapons of control.
The Earths Grid opened up and was Golden and Energetically Alive. The Earth through its Center open up into a vortex, a seeing eye crack into her-self and the holographic matrix was removed into the vacuum created thru the opening. Literally suck into is Center Sun, dismantled as the energy was dissipated and returned back to Gaia.
Earth completely dissipated, dissolved into nothingness. As I watched the Void of Nothingness, Earth reappeared into a wispy, open, non solid state. Earth in it’s New Form as it nestled into its new Home of Polarity with Humanity as a Whole.
I looked and moved through this state of change of Earth, as I passed through the non mass of energy that it comprised of wispy clouds. Like the traveling thru the atmosphere in the world before this change.
As I moved Outward from the New Earth I saw it’s Etheric Wings reborn as the grid was remade and the mass in Earth Reborn. It became oceans, Land and Clouds clear and beautiful once again. I watched as the Wings moved Earth into its matching Field of Home.
As the Sun dawned on the New Horizon.
The Earths Etheric body glowed all around the Physical Earth as One. The southern hemisphere encased in the field of its higher self, rejoined. The Etheric body rose up around the outside of center of the Earth. Earth’s Aura in place, as it wings formed in the northern hemisphere, extending upward it’s Conscious Field of Humanity took its place into the Universal Structure. The Angelic Wings of Earth Etheric Body Restored.
All of Earth’s inhabits glowed and released its energy back into Gaia and reformed again as Earth reformed in the same manner.
As the space of energy in the dimensional arena withdrew, as I move back from my higher energy field and the scene grew smaller and dissipated. My original reflection, came to me with advice. I say my originality of reflection because I am and was fully with my Higher Self in that moment, so this was my next plane of existence’s refraction of Me…. In self advice…” To stay home as much as possible, especially until the new year. As my Highest Good with be in Home away from distractions, as I continue to become Fully the Observer in all things. Remember in All interactions from here forward… do not respond … just Observe.
So I will not be travelling in these Holidays this year.

As I sat up, I thought it had been almost an Hour of meditation. I am really good of tracking this time within. It had only been 30 minutes. So to Me, there is now less Time as Earth is now vibrating faster in less Mass. As We All Our.
I do not expect to walk outside and see a new reborn World. But I do expect to See Change Quickly. As time lines have been set. As the Non Physical Aspects of the Universe, transposes into the Physical Worlds Reality.

So Be It
As it should Be




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