As I was contemplating my Bio, this describes me without my over bearing accounts in confusion of many.
Gary Beer
A Journey into the Heart and Soul of One’s Mind Where reality is only an Illusion of Time and Space. The Past, the Present, the Future, are not linear.

My father was an Aeronautical Engineer for Lockheed, and worked in area 51 for a bit as did my grandfather. I have some very interesting stories from them as both have pasted.
As a little boy I used to imagine fighting side by side, unknown then to me of who Arch Angel Michael was and my father to become.
When my mom was 8 months pregnant with me, Robert Beer my father and my mother with me inside filed a report UFO encounter on a mountain road coming home from dinner in 1960. The UFO stopped the car dead in the road as it hovered I front of the car. There is some understanding of what happened in interaction on the ship.
As a baby I had many ghostly visitors that my mom had witnessed. A Mother who just lost a baby would come and comfort me. This mother of a child had pasted in the house we lived in.
As I grew up I saw many shadow beings, many times in terror until through courage of a little boy that flew back the covers and sat up, as what felt like pronged goats feet walking up and down my back. I as I looked to face my aggressor two Oval picture frames cattycorner to each other floated out from my wall, A older Man on top and an older woman on the bottom, as I first touched the truth of my strength as being as powerful as all. My first encounter with my Guides who told me “don’t worry you will not be troubled again for as you faced your fear you took control of you” from the Man. The Woman said “We love and look after you” then they faded away as I was 9 yrs. old. Since then I have learned to own my energy field through my Heart Chakra and own my own fear. I have had many lessons taught to me, more so in the last few years of interacting in Love of Gaia in bringing more Light into her as negativity was removed. Closing towards the Lessons of the Blood Moon and shadow acceptance.
Who am I? A higher dimensional being, who has come to this earth plane to understand the 3rd dimension experience which will make me a more expanded being. Today here on Earth, I Am Ma’at a Pleiadian Warrior.

GOD …….A Consciousness that is able to Hold the Complete Attention of The Universe at Once….Thus Creating IT!

The Brain
Have you ever wondered who You Are. I don’t mean who You project Yourself toward other people. Or Who You think You Are based on your thoughts, feelings or emotions. I mean Who You Are deep down inside yourself. We all have had a moment of deep introspection, did we recognize or even understand what we felt and perceived about ourselves. Did it make us wonder if we are who we perceive are self to be. Or are there things about us that we don’t understand?
I have been told that the electromagnetic chemical reactions of the Bio mass called the Brain is what make us perceive who we are, through are thoughts, emotions and reactions that seem to change depending on the situation. But does that define Who we are?
As I have spent much time looking at whom I AM, by looking Within into my deep rooted thoughts and feelings. This is what I consider my Emotional Body, a part of me that is always there but that I don’t always understand.
I have entered my brain, buy what I thought was using my thoughts and emotions, to try to understand what I think and how I feel about all the different situations that the Brain reacts too. Every individual has different thoughts and emotions of the same subject, be it moral issues or just interpretations of colors. If the Brain is nothing more than an evolution of multiple cells, that have combined to form this organ of the body. Why is it then that we don’t have the same hive mentality as the Ants or Bees? Because each of us is comprised of different bits and pieces of the Consciousness of the Universe.
Ron L Hubbard created the Scientology Religion based on that we share the Human Body with other Entities. I am happy to report that I found no such Beings inside my Brian. Each One of Us is completely a individualist of each other.
I found many things in my brain. In the Pineal and Pituitary Glands I expected to find my Chemical electro stimuli that created my emotions. I could not trace how the chemicals that where produced from these Glands and interacted with the electric stimuli of the Brain to create my thoughts, because the Brain does not create and define thoughts.
I found only a center of Energy.
These Spaces of Energy inside my Brain did not define who I was, but only put forth more questions of why and how I feel.
I say Spaces Of Energy, because as I searched this part of my brain, I found vast untold amounts of Energy.That did not come from my blood pumping through my Veins through my Heart and entering into the Chemical Electro Biomass of the Brain, as Scientist explains how our Aura or Electromagnetic Field that surrounds our body is created. Remember plants don’t have a heart that pumps blood, but plants still do have an Aura. Which will still show even parts of the plant that have been picked off, still in tack in the krelian graph photos that records its exterior energy field. Is it that a plants physical condition does not define it?
This Energy was a Tube of Light that entered through the top of my head and centered its self into the area of the Pinal Gland. What some cultures would call A Third Eye or the Sixth Chakra.
It is the same Energy and in the same area that Arch Angel Michael taught me, during my first winter on present home of Cougar Creek, how to create a ball of Energy between my hands the size of a basketball. This was done by running my natural energy pathways through my body to the Pineal Gland and looping it through the Pituitary Gland. The more I flipped this energy of light back and forth between the two, the bigger the ball of light became.
When I followed this Tube of Light it entered into my Heart Center, The Soul Center or Fourth Chakra.

Crying Puppies Were the Children of Wolves


The Heart

When I entered My Heart I found many astonishing things. This included the countless emotions and feelings that I expected to find in The Brain. These intense Attributes of the Heart did not originate in the heart, but was defined by the heart. Negativity seemed to cloud or collect here. This negativity felt foreign not natural, it didn’t belong there. So I found myself clearing my Emotional Bodies negativity that collected in my Heart. Before introspection of this this Energy Center, I needed to clean up my house!
For Me, This wasn’t an easy task. My negativity seemed to range from experiences and lack of experiences from my Father, To My Quest to find out Who I Was, Why I Was, and was there truly a God as I had been taught. For example, when I was 9 years young, I was uprooted from my mother when my Father whisked me and my two sisters away to Arkansas to hide us from our mother prior and during their divorce. I turned 10 and went through 5th grade during that time. It was an experience that I still keep to this day. Of learning how to drive a tractor, so I could go get beer and cigarettes with a note for our caretakers. Of emotions stirred, by my first notice of the female body, from the stack of National Geographic Magazines in the storage shed and the 16 yr. old Daughter of whom we stayed with. All innocent mostly, but a stirring of Emotions, Which I did not understand. Of Whooping Cranes and Snapping Turtles in a pond miles away from the house. A Black Moccasin Snake 6 ft. long jumping out of the Pond to make me his meal. Unfortunately for the Snake, my horse, whose reins where in my hands. Pulled me back to get away from the snake. Who still chased us as we rode away. I learned that day, what seems peaceful, isn’t always So.
I learned that Crying Puppies in the nearby woods weren’t always being eaten by Wolves, as my Sisters insisted. I had just turned 10. My birthday present was a shiny brand new 6 inch knife, the fold up kind. My sisters convinced me to join them in task of shaving these puppies from the horrible death that was facing them. Which we set out to do. Saved by the Man of the House, who was in the Chicken Coop several hundred yards away from the House. As he dropped 2 Wolves just a few feet behind us, so close and gaining closer still, with his rifle as he heard our panicked screams.
I learned that all things are not what they seemed; The Puppies were the Children of the Wolves.

This is the only poem I have written

The Next Mourn
The Angels cried last Wednesday morning Before the sun could rise
They cried for the Sorrow Of so many people On such a beautiful Morn
Jaden who so quickly loved Everyone who graced his life
Left Us to Be On the right hand of God
Jaden so full of never ending love So innocent Such a bright Star
Took so quickly his rightful place in the Heavens with the Lord
This Jaden let us know How bright and righteous His star Really was
For he came to Us Before the Sun could rise
On the Next Beautiful Morn
He came As the Shining star That Now he Was
He touched the One Who Taught and Loved him most
Jaden who returned such gifts
With the intensity of the radiant star
That now He Is
Jaden Taylor Pearce Came that beautiful next mourn
Before the Sun could Rise
As a light in the darkness that filled Her Heart
He shown his Shining Light Upon the ceiling
Before the Sun could Rise
He swirled his Light down upon the One And showered with sparks of Love

The Angels Sang As They Held Each Other Once More

This occurrence, of a Loved One dying even at the young age of 4 yrs old, would be impossible if We did not have a second [Hyper Dimensional] body super imposed over are Physical Body. The Shroud of Turin is another perfect example of a Energy Field moving through 3rd dimensional time and space at the time of Passing. The Image of Christ was unusually rare indeed, most Humans do not acquire That level of connection with ones Higher Self to raise ones vibratory energy level to its highest degree to create a Torsion Field, too create the image. This has only been accomplished by very few. Which I believe was why Jesus Christ came to teach us. To be as HE Was ”You Shall do Greater Things Then I” Which is an statement of Possibility not promises.

Emotional and Spiritual Bodies! Found in My Heart and there seems to be so much more.
The Heart is a Doorway to the Universe.
Literally The Heart is Hyper Dimensional Portal or Wormhole that when activated can carry you Energetically and even Physically outside of Time and Space.
As we grow larger back into a more expansive Light Being we become more and more of a Celestial Body, as we become the Gardeners / Governing Bodies of the Galaxies.

I will continue to share … as moved thru me.
Thank You for paying attention.


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