The Lesson of Love


Birthed thru Love of Love by Love. Returned in Love with Love from Love.

The Word or the Reflection of Consciousness of / God  / Source / You.

The 3’s.

Polarity –  shadow and light, which is Soul. The “as above is below”. Duality and Singularity  synergistic as One.

Spirit – expression of Originate Self, the Blueprint of all Refraction’s of Self, the Photonic Glue of Self to Selves. Your vibrational light.

Originate Self – original reflection with an individualistic signal that is in Tune or Tone with the Re-fractions of Self on every Dimensional Level in a Expansion of Expression of Universe. To be Remembered hence Rejoined back as One, in Completion of the Evolutionary Conscious Universe. Complete the Cycle with all experiences of all lives in Time and of No Time expressed as Same. To hold all Bits and Shards of the Originate at once and joined back into one Conscious Thought.  Which in turn allows Your Reflection of Self, into another Universe of Your Creation…. We are Gods …for we connect thru Universe thru Universe … interconnected as everything vibrates into each.



Negative Polarities in Nature of Duality… come from a single stream of energy in singularity , separated only in duality. Love is the joining of Self and Ego … Heart and Mind as One, the Positive and Negative, the Yin and Yang, the Shadow Self and Light Self in Harmony. Death is a mind set (ego) and may not end the Separatism if cellular memory is Duality Based and not of Singularity, resulting in another life lesson of being reborn back onto Earth . Rejoining Light in remembrance of Light Body is Rebirth out of Earth, Born Again, back into the Reflection we came from. Many texts have meanings of death and control. Instead of Light, Love and Remembrance of Originality. Hold on to material understanding and be reborn in death. Hold on to Vibrational Enlightenment.. cellular releasing of materialism… to be reborn of non-death, remembering the light/love of your original creation. As you vibrate in a higher dimensional field, when you move on from this plane, you will go dimensionally to your Tone or Tune. Be it Earth / Mass based again or returning to the singularity of non duality of the Light Body. The understanding of the higher mind is the Rejoining of all the Aspects / Shards / Lives of from experiencing duality, in your regaining of the Light Body. This is possible by cellular clearing, clarity / enlightenment of mind and physical body. Lighter of mass in mass of a higher cellular vibration. As your Cells of the Physical Body vibrate faster, positive and negative moves toward one energy signal. The heavy particles of mass are released back into the base of mass / physicality. Ascension is the movement of the physical body into a higher dimensional state. Be it a higher plane of Mass or Physicality, or the return to a lower Earth base mass, or the transformation back into a pure Light Body it is up to you.. in the amount of work done in the current Life Turn.


★ ★ ★ ” LIGHTBODY UPGRADES!! ★ ★ ★

Many are having a hard time with the Light Body upgrades. Hopefully this will assist with better understanding, which allows one to allow rather than “fight” to keep going the “old ways”….

Photonic light weakens your physical vessel as it anchors in your cells. It starts the dismantling of the old programs, systems, beliefs that were held within your entire physical structure. It breaks down the carbon-based body you once had and the frequencies of light that activate within you actually target what used to be etheric crystals to materialize in your physical form so that you can become an actual holographic transmitter of NEW Earth from within you.

There is a gridwork inside of you that links up to the gridwork of all. These grids are what kept your physical vessel held in a single limited dimension. Every fiber of your being (gridwork) has to be upgraded ….

Every organ, every cell, every particle of you held separation. Your muscles, bones, teeth, joints… all….. Your heart once walled up, will continually have something occur to bust it open (expansion) until it no longer closes again. It becomes your entire chest, then expands beyond that. Your entire BEING is your heart. Your Mind becomes UNIFIED as your entire BEing UNIFIES as well. Emotions no longer from a human heart, no need for extremes. No polarity… we smile, laugh and experience everything with our entire being.

Polarity is duality and it is your human you against something else. It is the friction, the resistance and as you come to WALK AS A MULTI-DIMENSIONAL HIGHER SELF ASPECT, there is no friction anymore. Without the friction, the resistance there is nothing to stand in the way of you being unlimited again.

Energy has a flow, a spin, a speed…. and as photonic beings we “travel” at the speed of photonic light. We walk from dimensions to dimension, as we held all of this within. We expand each from within us and as we do they materialize as gifts, abundance, opportUNITY and our new LeMUrian/Galactic families here.

Emotions targeted with this photonic light to get them up and out of the body, same with human thoughts. WE are to see them, recognize them and not give them power anymore. They just want to go. As a higher self aspect, we honor this and we unify after every release. As a human, one tries to push them back in, suppress, avoid, ignore, hide… until that option is removed, as the boomerang affect is faster with each activation and the power at which it returns is so much greater too. Stepping into discomfort & fear dissolves & dissipates these, and opens the portals for all to come forth again… we meet all in the middle.

For awhile, DOing is impossible, for the human’s need to DO gets in the way. All ability to function goes. Groggy is an understatement, crawling from room to room and heavy passing out wherever your body lands…. no control here, no ability to think… yes, this is the point. You are clearing timelines, collapsing the barrier between the realms, bringing forth the lucid dream, quantum jumping, anchoring light…. you name it, you are doing it all! Working in every dimensional realm.

DO in the physical, trigger a reality in another dimensional realm, keep honoring, allowing and pay attention so that you can recognize it when it arrives. Every DOing of a higher vibration causes it to come forth faster for you. Open-hearted doing, for no reason at all. We do because we are honoring in every moment…

WE do all first. But before we can DO for others, we have to take care of us. We have to pull away, focus and honor what we need. WE BUILD OUR POWER from within. This creates that Torroid that magnetizes all to you. This allows you to operate at a frequency of love at all times again. Each time something presents that is not okay in your world, you must make a choice… choice is required….

Abundance is WHO you are. Anything less is a human belief and we recognize these and not only don’t listen to them anymore, we write new beliefs to clear the old programs and overwrite our cellular memory, JUST BECAUSE WE CAN. We come to understand of energy and that all is just that. We see all as sacred and we honor all things as sacred from within. Abundance is not a thing, it’s who we become again. Anything we RECEIVE is in RESPONSE to us.

This is what we are. We first must learn (REMEMBER) that we even can do this, then we must practice in every moment until it’s what we do naturally from the inside out. We increase the spin of energy on our own. This spin slows “time” down to a halt. Then it will go in reverse (ancient knowledge comes forth here). Then it ceases to exist at all. We step sideways and walk from one time to another. Time was a human creation. WE’ve so gone beyond that here. Time will get distorted along the way as new adjustments occur. As we spin faster, time slows. This allows us to DO more in present moment than the human mind can do in “years”. This is because we can affect any timeframe from present moment, visit any time, touch any time we have the capability to through embodiment here. We do not have the barriers of the old dimensions anymore. These are obliterated with our photonic cells and overall unified field spin… yes WE ARE THE UNIFIED FIELD.

The human aspect does not relinquish control. The higher self aspect needs you to shut down so that YOU can emerge. The human puts everything else first and tries to keep all within the limits of a box. It “thinks” things have to be done, when in fact, most gets done when you sleep and are connected through your heart. The human mind follows until it merges as one. It will try to convince you of everything to sabotage your expansion of consciousness here. It “thinks” it will cease to exist and it is fighting for it’s life. It goes into survival mode, creates fear, doubt, lack and more. It tries to resort to safe everytime… there is no safe here. It’s not needed. That was an old illusion that kept us from walking in the higher realms (NEW Earth).

On New Earth, all exist from their heart. Everyone is a MASTER, with a human aspect that emerges from time to time to “deal with”. WE understand that each has old programming that needs to continually go. We run multiple programs at one time, recognizing the ones of the old. WE maintain balance, peace and radiate love. We stand up when we need to, where a strong human aspect surfaces and needs boundaries so that they can learn to REMEMBER THEMSELVES as LOVE and higher-self-aspects here too. WE work together, we are a team, a family and if something is not okay, we speak it if we need to and shift to a vibration that allows a new reality to come forth.

WE solidify realities with our transmissions and beliefs. That physical world out there is the playing out of all that you hold within you so that you can SEE it and CHANGE IT with your own TUNING OF FREQUENCIES as a MASTER BEING here. That out there will change instantly as you open your heart. As you let go of the old programs and stop allowing anything less to occur in your physical reality world.

WE do not become POWERFUL ALCHEMISTS AND CREATORS by doing things as we once did. Our entire structure must be shut down so that we can get out of the way and upgrading can occur. Incessant sleep is a by-product as it is how we integrate the fastest here. Photonic light will shut you down, so that you can sleep/dream and anchor the lucid dream in your physical reality here. Fuzzy, misty and cloudy all occur when anchoring in the physical is going on. Amnesia between the dimensions, so yes, memories must go too. You’ll have what you “need” at any given time. The visual goes and the fire (emotional charge) energy that fueled that reality does too. Here’s it’s just an awareness of an old illusion that no longer exists….

As you REMEMBER how much POWER you truly hold, that outside world becomes very small and non-existent at all. Then it becomes your playground and a place to fulfill your purpose along with others here to assist in the transformation of HUmanity. Dreams, desires, unity… these are all you can see. Totally beyond the human capacity, where limits, separation and lack were the dominant theme.

NEW Earth is family and work together as a team. WE combine our efforts to reach/assist more as one. WE share. WE DO. WE are totally abundant first from within. An abundant world is where we live. A magical reality where materialization is instant. Here we walk AS MASTERS WITH MASTERS…. Ancients embodied together again.

Let it all go loves and embrace your Ascension Journey and Sacred YOU again. Make this your priority. Commit and dedicate your entire existence to this. As you do, you shall BE(come) YOUR UNLIMITED & ABUNDANT SELF AGAIN. ~☜☞~
Lisa Transcendence Brown


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