Questions of the Universe



Non Infinite Thought Theory-Conscious Evolutionary Universe – CEU Theory


Why do all Theories start in limiting fashion? This is where all ideas stop evolving.

Einstein has Theory of Relativity, Hawkins has Static Universe, and Quantum Physics as Consciousness is the New Idea.

Non Infinite Thought Theory is my model I have been writing toward.

So let us express these models further

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, which is an expanding universe, that only uses usable matter as it base. So thus antiquated in theory as we now know only 6% of the Universe is physical matter and does not account for a multidimensional state. Einstein himself admits this point. This does not invalidate 90% of what he does state is true but is only a piece of the Universe as a whole model.

Hawking’s Static Universe is modeled on Decay as is the TM model in this video. All three models start from nothingness with different outcomes. The reason for these huge intellects that come to disagree so far apart is the base model of Something from Nothing is Limiting. Nothing in its self is limiting. Decay models are limiting.  Meditating to silence or non-localization of thought is limiting.

Let us imagine a non-limiting theory, a theory of non-decay, of something toward everything.  A Theory of:

Non-Finite Thought, which is Something not nothing as Consciousness of Thought as the Base.  The Universe is always stable in my Conscious Evolutionary Universe Theory. As we go through the different cycles in the CEU Theory, the Universe reaches its Expansive State as in today’s reality that is why we can even discuss this at this time.  Expansiveness in Thought the base of Everything and not based on nothing. As we re-enter into the beginning stage of the Universe again, as it is cyclical, The Universe contracts back to its original state. Yes, this means reorganization of matter, the 6% of the Universe. This States that the Physical matter expands proportionate of non-matter ratios of 6% to 94% as Planets, Galaxies and Universe expand and contract at this ratio. Which means as each Body of the Universe be it Man, Plant, Rock, Planet, Galaxy can hold light it will expand and contract accordingly.  The non-variable is the expansion of Light inside and through Us. All Conscious particles contain a Tetrahedron that spins Light from Thought into and through each as individualistic action and as a Whole system in reaction of this flow of Light. The parts of individual Matter  can hold the total each sum of the individual expansion of the 94%.  In a Constant State flow the Universe or in the 94% expansive state will grow and contract to the given amount of Light each of individualistic quantum state of light holds. The variable is Matter of Expansion as it is able to raise its vibrational rate to a Permanente state of Light, or Being of Light on a conscious level. The Universe Expands into a every increasing Permanent State of Existence. This is a non- limiting constant state of non-decay a proper model to consider.   I have much more to add to this in its validity as a whole. All based on a Vibrational State of the Universe in Quantum Physics.

Light of Conscious Thought

This as a Hu-man of Earth, Conscious Thought, made of the Clay of Earth (the natural energies of Consciousness)

Energy is a by product of Conscious Thought from the Vibrating Dimensional Frequencies as we expand/reflect Our Self into each and all Dimensions to Experience and Rejoin each Aspect into a greater higher expanded Being as One.. which means to match each aspects vibrational tune…tone from the lowest vibrating self to the highest conscious Reflection of Our individual Creation. Each and every consciousness has a unique individualistic signal that connects to every other individualistic signal as we are All from the same Consciousness / Source but with a separate scalar frequency. So all is connected In the Conscious Universe as each expands as a Whole

Everything that Spins, has a Tetrahedron, Vibration in Unique individualistic Signals this is what creates Mass…..Mass of, Air Water Fire Sound Light, Creation is vibration from sound from color from light from thought. Thought is The Void. The Torus or Torsion….field. Your Torus. Love is Creation.


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