Light of Conscious Thought


The Thought of God / the Reflected Refraction of Us, is the Origination Of Source. A Consciousness that is able to Hold the Complete Attention of The Universe at Once….Thus Creating IT!


The Rainbow. The knitting needles of the fabric of time creating as thoughts from all things manifesting the current condition. Rainbows seem to be just on the edge of our vibration as color changes to sounds as mass is made.Ego is Physical Body Mind and Self is light Body Mind, both equal, both necessary, both different in function. Ego controls and functions thru the Emotional Body as maintenance of human body. Self is the function or mind set of the I Am, controlling the Higher Self functions of the human body. ie energy of and thru, also etheric body mind.

This as a Hu-man of Earth, Conscious Thought, made of the Clay of Earth (the natural energies of Consciousness)


Energy is a by product of Conscious Thought from the Vibrating Dimensional Frequencies as we expand/reflect Our Self into each and all Dimensions to Experience and Rejoin each Aspect into a greater higher expanded Being as One.. which means to match each aspects vibrational tune…tone from the lowest vibrating self to the highest conscious Reflection of Our individual Creation. Each and every consciousness has a unique individualistic signal that connects to every other individualistic signal as we are All from the same Consciousness / Source but with a separate scalar frequency. So all is connected In the Conscious Universe as each expands as a Whole



Light are particles of vibration, vibration are particles of the Thought of Creation. The Bang. Each conscious individual is from the same Beginning, the vibration of the Bang., but every aspect from the Original has a individualist signal of vibration. A scalar frequency which allows independent creation of expression. The free will. So all can Create as created in thought. As light slows down into color and then sound into physical mass there is a space of time. The fabric of Space Time is Vibration. The purpose of the Bang was for Conscious Evolution in expansion=experience of the aspects of the reflected. Light to mass back into light is a expansion and contraction of a stable Universe. These are my lessons of the last 5 years. Which I am positive it will change again as I touch more of the negative. As I move back into a single stream of the +- as a vibration of Light in thought.

I always appreciate science trying to define simplicity. It seems that there are many many Brains trying to describe the same thing. Quantum Gravity, “Dropletons” or Photon Flip Flops. I suggest…Mirror Physics..the Duality of the Micro and Macro in the Reflection of Thought (Singularity) into particles of light (Polarity).



A Rainbow is a Reflection of a Refracted Refraction, Thought to Light to Color to Sound which Creates Vibrating Mass. A White Sun is in every galaxy. Ours is in the center of the Milky Way. The Universe has Chakra Points just as the Human Body we are Multi Bodied just as all things Conscious have a chakra system.The Chakra Systems interconnect with the Conscious Universe as we are joined as One. The White Sun feeds, but more accurately interconnects all energies of the Universe as the same. As we touch, see, feel ect. We expand our energy signal in a scalar fashion. Our Individual Signals are Feed or Added …transcribed into the White Sun and into the Universes multi chakra system back into the Original Reflection of the I Am or Self. This is how each Conscious Being grows through every other Conscious Being. And how We can have multiple experiences Dimensional at the same time. Your Frequency determines what Dimensional level you can interact in. By connecting or activating…using and promoting your Chakra System will raise Your Vibrational Frequency and you are able to See Touch Feel the Multi Dimensions of your Tone or Tune. Almost like Music … the Music of Creation.



The Flower of Life is the most Sacred of Geometry that I work with in opening up all Chakras and Power centers in the body. For me it is the most powerful activation tool, I have found in healing. I use it for perfecting Blueprinting in the 4 cell processes. Using the two together expands the vibrational rate into a higher dimensional space. And allows multiple techniques and process to flow in fluidity as one to concluded the healing in quicker time- frames. This has allowed integration turnaround from weeks into days, with fewer sessions. . Ego is Physical Body Mind and Self is Light Body Mind, both equal in a 3D reality, both necessary, both different in function. Ego controls and functions thru the Emotional Body as a System of maintenance of the Hu-Man (earth- body/ man of earth). Self is the function or mind set of the I Am, controlling the Higher Self functions of the energy of and thru the human body, which is the Etheric Body of Self of originality. This picture represents the Ego Mind brought thru love by Self into its maintenance position of body. Shadow and Light as One, a whole body system as one toward Ascension. . The Christ Consciousness is the energy of Love a Ying to the opposite of its Yang. A building block of this Universe from the beginning, we have a Shadow Self and a Light Self as a building block of this 3 D plane. As above is below. In Duality they are separate as Male Female. In our Light Body of a Singularity State, they are one, as in an Androgynous Being. The Christ Blueprint: 13 Keys to Christ Consciousness Shalmarie Alger Rigdon showed me this book just as had assembled my Shadow on 5/5/15 as The Blood Moon kicked in a synchronicity from a Sister Seed, as we all are connected from the 4th original source. 1st Source / God which is Consciousness, we feel and understand it but we cannot become as One with it, as it is Evolved beyond our Consciousness. Every action or Thought of Creation is in grained in every cell molecule, atom, proton, etc. and are able to accesses this information as Discernment through your Heart. 2nd Source is the Reflection from Source in an Angelic / Elohim form that created Mass from Thought. 3rd Source is the first refraction from Source / God into Christ Consciousness. The teachers of Hu-Man, the Sons of God, that include Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, White Buffalo, Mother Mary, Quatzequatel, the Star Seeds of the Higher Dimensional Realms and many more not mentioned here. 4th Source, Us in the Hu-Man (Earth Body / Man of Earth) the Second Refraction of Source / God. We are Shards and Bits of expressions that originate from a refraction of Source, which makes all One. The soul brothers/ sisters of the 3d realm in the Experience of Duality. As Contracts of Life Paths that were agreed upon from the Shards / Bits in our original form. This must be completed to return back to the Second Refraction of Self so an expansion in Thought toward Source in completion, which keeps the Universe in a Non-Static Expanding State of life and never death. These are the life paths or other parts of Us that are collect as we reassemble Our Self from a Devolved State back into the Expression of Singularity as a God of Expression in a higher Conscious State prior to the 3D experience.


2 thoughts on “Light of Conscious Thought

  1. This path tore me up once early on when I felt helpless to stop what I thought was a spirally hell on earth. I didn’t think I could feel the same again. This is not too dissimilar. It’s a slightly different emptiness. This world is so beautiful. I can’t see anything comparing to the life on this planet. I am not in disagreeance with you on what must transpire, simply paying homage to this heaven we have experienced.


    1. Thank You Michael, we all are in a Phase of our understanding. My wife is an Earth Mother who is deeply rooted into Mother Gaia and never wants to leave her womb.. a little like you. I am Father Sky type who has reached his soul contract in this life and prepared or ready to move on from this Duality experience. Yes Hell, the self perpetuated box of wrong conclusions and ideals from materialistic stand points. Hell is ones Thoughts and Actions or Deeds, that need to be accepted as an experience of conscious expansion. As we attract like Minds or state of evolutionary growth as we fell touch see smell and hear this dimensional setting, we create the Path or actions of our Reactions. There is not a More Beautiful Experience than Earths Lesson of Light and Dark. Positive and Negative rules the 3D in separatism. As we raise our vibrational intunement or growth the the two streams of energy vibrate on the same level and we step out of the – action /+ reaction syndrome and move out of Duality, thru releasing density of physical and emotional attachments. Please read my other article and check out Spaces of Energy my experience of a multi dimensional universe on FB for many ways to become Christ like through Love by Love of Love .. Ascension was His Lesson.. Thank You for letting Me Express Myself Here.


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