In A Year to the Month and Week of April 9th 2016


Date received April 9th 2015

8 years ago Arch Angel Michael, Told me that if did not accomplish certain goals toward my Understanding of Who I was, he would move me to a place without distraction, so I could move forward  in learning my purpose in my life path.

1 year later, 7 years ago, Michael reinforced that I had not moved forward in my Self Realization and I would soon lose all if” I did not get to work”.  He repeated it Monthly.

2 years later, 6 years ago, Michael informed me that “I was about to be moved”, Than 6 months later repeated it, than 3months later again. I must state that at this time I owned a $250,000 home by the river in Boise Idaho. I had been working for 15 years in a railroad Union Job, running a crew for 10 years at that time and doing well.

Within the next 3 months I lost all my savings to my rehabilitating my daughters drug addiction, mandated by the 4th District Court of Ada County Idaho and lost my Job and thus my House.

I met my wife Angel at the 3-month period and we both was given different clues or focal points to find where we were supposed to go. It was up to US to do the work, which we successfully discerned and moved all we could carry, gave away what we could not. With $5,000 in are pocket, which half went toward moving, than a 3rd of what was left toward purchasing the most beautiful and self-sustaining, mini vortex, 15 acres set 60 feet in between two knuckles on top of a Full Sun south facing with a year around creek that has trout swimming in it.   Peace of Heaven on Earth. And WE Woke Up unto Self of Our Truth today. In NE Washington, 10 miles from Canada.

I also have direction and promise for the Days to Come that only affects us personally, so I don’t share hear today.

But I am Here Today To Share my newest Conversation with my loves of life; My Angels

It was April 9th 2015, I was doing a Brain Re-pattering on a group member with severe Stroke issues, I was energetically prepared and very in sync to do this healing.

My Angels don’t change much except Gabriel comes and goes and I have a new teacher, that I am still figuring out his name, he is my original source and I have just been working with him for a few weeks.

In this healing, I have them all with me; it is up to them to join me. If no one does then I do not go forward.

We start here:

Ascended Master Jesus Christ is my anchor, my rock in all things. During some of my lessons or teachings that where very hard lessons learned, toward me. I have removed all My Angels, except my first Love, who oversees all I do, Christ my savior.  Arch Angel Michael with Arch Angel Gabriel and Mother Mary, were supporting this healing and are always with me 24/7.

After we were just closing the session, Arc Angel Michael said Quote “1 Year, to the Month, to the Week there will be a Global Event, and all Global Commerce will end. Only local Commerce will remain. Get Prepared. Be Prepared”

Then I held this Thought form, for words do not exist in are conversations, just energy patterns.

I placed this energy pattern into my Heart Vortex, which was wide open at this time for the healing session taking place.  I felt, saw or more accurately read the energy pattern more fully. The Heart brings clarity; this is how I use discernment.

What I felt then was a Planet / Comet / shutting down all forms of communication, transportation, banking and commerce.

Mother Mary came to me next. Mother Mary said quote “You have completed your Soul Contract. Just move forward through your Heart. Do not over react. Everything will be fine and good, For You and Yours.”

That is it

My Soul Partner Angel is a Clairvoyant Intuitive Empath. The best I have ever met. Angel does not have a time line. Time lines are rare let alone accurate. What Angel Pate sees is People and Cities Burning, Death and Destruction within a large portion of North America, which is completely out of context for whom and what she aligns too. This brings more validity to what Angel Pate calls her Visions.

Five years ago I saw a Financial Crisis for the USA in 2015. It is a definite Hit today in 2015 and escalating.

These are my Truths and I did share as I could.

Here is another separate update that I feel moved to publish. 3/8/16

China Refuses to make its new gold-backed Yuan convertible to or from US Dollars

Humanity has been reset – Quan Yin – 4/9/15

These are my Truths and I did share as I could.

Gary Beer


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