My Experiences of a Multi Dimensional Universe

ImageProxy (1)SPACES OF ENERGY    By Gary Beer

My Experiences of the Multidimensional Universe


This is a True Story;

The Story of a Family Crest

One of Family Name

One of Generations

One of Abductions

Of Fear and Remembrance


Lessons Of:

Controlling one’s Emotions

Expanding one’s Consciousness

Stepping Outside of the Box LITERALY


It was early May; there had been some bright and shiny days but always with a promise of showers. It is a very quiet and peaceful time of the year. It was a beautiful May in its own right, with only a few visitors’ at the resort this early in the season. The resort has an old and rustic feel to it. You can imagine the early settlers cutting ice from the lake in the winter, to keep the game and fish from spoiling during the hot days of July and August. Children would play in the lake during those hot days, as they enjoyed the short summer of North Eastern Washington.

The Owl flew to Cailen from across Spring Shores Lake.

Cailen sat by the private little dock, a gentle breeze broke the surface of the water as the reeds blew gently back and forth on the Lake. The Bass were just waking up after a long and cold winter and the Trout were aggressive and hungry as they jumped out of the water. The trees are plentiful with just enough space between them to feel secluded and alone. The resorts map did not show the campsite Cailen had chosen in the location it should have been. Therefore, in some respect he was hiding or just hidden. The only ones that would have even noticed Cailen during his stay would have been the other campers, except Cailen was the only one. Two cabin rentals were the only other visitors at the time.  Cailen thought that this would be an appropriate place to sort out a very puzzling time of his life. A puzzle he had played with for as long as he could remember. However, Cailen was just now realizing it.